3 Common Misconceptions about Logistics
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3 Common Misconceptions about Logistics

3 Common Misconceptions about Logistics

12 Oct 2022

3 Common Misconceptions about Logistics

The logistics industry is often an afterthought for those who aren’t a part of it, mostly because supply chains mainly operate in the background, silently supporting the needs of the entire world. Yet, it is a complex and massive industry that forms the backbone of many sectors in keeping businesses and services alive. If you’re considering taking up a logistics course in Singapore, it’s good to bear these misconceptions in mind to clear unnecessary doubts that you might have about the industry as you bid to enter the world of logistics.

Supply Chain Management is Boring

Supply Chain Management is Boring Logistics course in Singapore

More often than not, logistics won’t be the first choice when folks sit down to plot their educational and career paths. It’s often associated with tedious and even dirty work, conjuring images of conveyor belts, trucks, and hours on your feet. However, the reality is that logistics runs deep and goes beyond commonly perceived imagery about the industry. It is a role that requires strategic thinking across every level of the supply chain, from product design, to materials management, to procurement. Supply chain is also touched by every part of the business and every part of the business is touched by the supply chain. With so many different scenarios to manoeuvre, no two days in logistics are ever the same. Enrolling in a supply chain management course in Singapore equips you with the tools and skills you need to cope with the unpredictability of the industry.

You Need an Engineering Degree to Negotiate the Supply Chain

You Need an Engineering Degree to Negotiate the Supply Chain Logistics course in Singapore

Historically, supply chain leadership has come from engineering, so it was normal for those leaders to place greater emphasis on employees with engineering degrees. However, that trend is gradually changing as businesses recognise the value of other skills, be it business skills, analytical skills, or other soft skills that are just as essential to the supply chain. Ultimately, a supply chain leader also needs good leadership and collaboration skills to bring every department within the company together to form a more cohesive and efficient unit. 

Amity’s Masters in supply chain management prepares students for managerial and business positions in the logistics industry through a strong understanding of logistics management issues, problems, and opportunities.

Working in Logistics Keeps You on Your Feet All Day

Working in Logistics Keeps You on Your Feet All Day Logistics course in Singapore

While there is some degree of truth to this, it definitely isn’t a universal attribute of being in the industry; rather, it depends on your role within the industry. There are many desk-bound jobs available as well, such as admin or finances. Ultimately, finding the right role for you in logistics is all about recognising your key strengths and the manner in which you work best. There is a wide range of supply chain roles in the industry, but some of the more common and industry-specific ones include — supply chain design and planning, procurement and supply management, and freight transportation. Additionally, if you wish to move up in your career in logistics, consider enrolling in a supply chain management course that will prepare you for a life in logistics management. 

With such a heavy dependence on imports and exports, Singapore is a great place to build a career in logistics, as there will consistently be many opportunities created to meet the logistical demands of the country both domestically and internationally. Get started in your logistics career today with Amity’s supply chain management courses in Singapore. For more information, please visit our website.

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