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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Courses in Singapore

Amity offers a wide range of Supply Chain management courses, ranging from a diploma to master’s in Supply Chain Management course from the University of London, with the aim of advancing your professional skills by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of global supply chains, developing the strategic and analytical resources necessary to handle them. Master’s in Supply Chain Management as well as Logistics courses in Singapore are also offered for further immersive learning in the logistics industry.

There are many reasons why taking a Supply Chain Management course is vital for those who want to climb the ranks in the industry. First, the Logistics industry is evolving due to the continuous advancement of technology. This leads to consumers raising their demands for quality and reliable supply chain management solutions. Another thing is that the booming of eCommerce has led to the flourishing of the Logistics industry. With that, comes the need for knowledgeable professionals who can positively contribute to the industry and the companies they will be working for.

Here at Amity Global Institute, we designed our Supply Chain Management and Logistics courses in such a way that the graduates will be ready for the revolutionised field they will be entering. We keep our instructions and resources up to date with the latest trends in the industry to hone our students’ knowledge and skills when it comes to developing solutions and processes as well as making informed decisions for their companies. As a postgraduate degree, our logistics course will expose the students to real life situations where they can gather more insights and learn from experience.

Is supply chain management not the career you wish to pursue in the future? No worries! We have a lot of other courses to offer. Check out our page for other diploma courses in computer science, accounting, tourism, and other interesting industries you might wish to be part of.

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Amity delivers a range of bachelor’s degree options in collaboration with our four university partners to help students in advancing their professional growth.

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Amity offers a variety of private diploma courses that are tailored to support students’ long-term goals and enable them to enrol in degrees offered by our university partners.

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An Amity foundation course offers students a solid foundation in skill sets and experience for developing a career in their chosen profession.

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In Singapore, Amity provides a wide variety of English proficiency programmes.

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Why Take Supply Chain Management Course at Amity Global Institute?

As a field that subjects one to constant analysis in order to resolve the challenges along the way, effective learning is the only method to conquer the difficulties in the supply chain industry. Beginning with a supply chain management course is unquestionably a crucial step in ensuring that a student is equipped with the right knowledge and retains distinct concepts correctly for future applications. Here are some of the benefits to choosing Amity Global Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics Courses:

  • The chance to train with industry experts and market leaders
  • A choice between full time or part time course
  • Programmes structured based on established and renowned universities in the world
  • Opportunities to be exposed to industry-relevant activities

Supply chain management demands not only excellent financial and logistics skills but also a foundational understanding of related subjects, as demonstrated by practice. As a result, we developed an interdisciplinary strategy in which a variety of subjects are included in the curriculum. Our supply chain management and logistics courses cover topics from a variety of academic fields, including sociology, environmental science, psychology, and even the fundamentals of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many logistic certifications available in Singapore. The best one is probably the one that speaks to your interest as this will be your career in the long run.

Logistics course is a good programme because it has a lot of potential jobs to offer after graduation. If you wish to study supply chain management, a logistics course is for you.

Singapore is among the leading countries for supply chain management. We have reputable shipping and logistics companies here that make supply chain management courses very in-demand.

There are lots of opportunities in store for you with a masters in supply chain management. You can have better opportunities in logistics companies when you obtain such a degree of education.

Supply chain management in Singapore is the proactive management of supply chain operations in order to optimise consumer satisfaction and gain long-term strategic advantage. It reflects a concerted initiative by supply chain companies to build and operate supply chains in the most reliable and profitable manner possible. Brand growth, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics, as well as the information systems used to manage these operations, are all covered by supply chain activities. Few companies comprehended, let alone controlled, the whole sequence of events that resulted in the delivery of goods to the final buyer. As a result, supply chains are disjointed and sometimes inefficient. This is why taking either supply chain management course or logistics course is crucial in Singapore.

The Supply Chain Management Course in Singapore consists of four fundamental courses in distribution, operations, organising, and procurement, supplemented by a professional development course. Transportation, inventory control, and logistics network architecture will all be included in the Supply Chain Logistics Course.

The Supply Chain Management Course covers flow optimization strategies and focuses on efficiency and effective methods. In the Supply Chain Management Course, you can learn about various forecasting methods. The Supply Chain Management course covers a variety of strategies for developing long-term and fruitful supplier partnerships.

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