Why Diploma Courses Are A Competitive Option For Your Career
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Why Diploma Courses Are A Competitive Option For Your Career

Why Diploma Courses Are A Competitive Option For Your Career

21 Jun 2021

Diploma Course Graduate in Singapore

Diploma Course Graduate in Singapore

With the constantly changing global economy, many people are seeking to upskill themselves to remain competitive and gain an edge over their peers. Read on to learn why enrolling in diploma courses in Singapore is a highly effective option for students just entering the workforce, as well as those seeking to further enhance their skills.

Diploma Course Students in Classroom

They are industry-oriented.

The majority of diploma courses are vocational-focused and diverse, in fields such as hospitality, supply chain management and global logistics, as well as management and information technology. They often feature industry specific elements, such as software usage and operational strategies, as well as hands-on projects and industrial attachments to enhance students’ learning experience. This equips students with the essential skills and perspectives that they can utilise right as they begin their career in their chosen field.

Amity offers a wide range of diploma courses both in-house and through our partnerships with various reputable universities and professional institutions across the globe. This ensures that our students acquire the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in their relevant industries, giving them an advantage compared to their colleagues. We also offer advanced and postgraduate diploma options for further learning and continual skill growth.

They offer part-time study.

While full-time studying is usually the most ideal option for students to fully concentrate their energies into honing their skills, the reality is that many students still have to juggle their finances and other commitments, such as looking after their families or paying their bills. This can deter many students from furthering their careers through education, leading them to be unable to progress further into higher-paying roles or switching from a career that is a poor fit for them.

Many institutes of learning, such as Amity Global, offer part-time diploma courses in Singapore in addition to full-time studying options. This grants superior flexibility for students to balance their working schedule with night-time and weekend studies, as well as allows them to maintain their income and existing careers. Our experienced tutors are also able to make concessions for students on a case-by-case basis, helping them learn in the most optimal manner without compromising their other responsibilities.

They are shorter in duration.

Generally, a bachelor’s degree programme requires approximately 3 to 4 years of full-time study, and part-time study can extend that period even further. For students who are eager to enter the workforce as soon as possible to establish their career and start earning money, finishing their academics earlier than their peers grants them an invaluable head start towards higher-paying and established roles.

The majority of diploma courses are generally 1 to 2 years in duration, allowing students to graduate and start work earlier, or reduce the time they need to prepare for a career shift. In addition, diploma courses are more affordable and flexible due to their shorter duration, making them highly suited for students on a tighter budget.

They allow you to further your career.

As one progresses in their career and gets promoted to a higher position, they may find that they require additional skills to thrive in these roles. For example, entry-level roles tend to focus more on technical skills, while managerial roles in the same department often require organisational and leadership skills as well as a macro perspective to manage a team effectively and align with overall company goals.

Amity Global features a variety of diploma courses in Management and Business Administration, which cover skills such as strategic management, successful leadership, as well as handling company operations. They provide hands-on experience and relevant skills, allowing students to not only further their career but take home a higher salary as well, making them ideal for both career stability and personal growth.

Eager to enroll in a diploma course in Singapore of your choice? Visit our website to see our full range of diploma programmes.

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