Why Cybersecurity Is So Important For Singaporean Businesses
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Why Cybersecurity is So Important for Singaporean Businesses

Why Cybersecurity is So Important for Singaporean Businesses

29 Mar 2022

why cybersecurity is so important for singaporean businesses

Why Cybersecurity is So Important for Singaporean Businesses

In 2021, Singapore was home to 56 of the top 100 cybersecurity companies in the world. That tells you all you need to know about the emphasis that the country places on cybersecurity and safeguarding the country’s digital activities. As more businesses go digital to adapt to a more tech-dependent world, their reliance on cybersecurity services naturally increases. This also opens up many opportunities for you to grow your cybersecurity career in Singapore. If you’re considering enrolling in a postgraduate diploma in cybersecurity, or even a business management degree, here are some reasons why cybersecurity is so important to Singaporean businesses and why the future looks bright for you.

Protection Against Data Theft

Digital Security Being Breached

Cybersecurity is essential to businesses because it protects them from many forms of data theft and damage. Most, if not all businesses store sensitive data like personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and even intellectual property. Just recently, a recent cyberattack against a specialist medical clinic in Singapore reportedly compromised data on 73,000 patients, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself. Businesses that have been breached lose their credibility, more so if they’re not major players with a strong reputation to fall back on. In a fast-paced digital world where businesses can be tossed aside and forgotten in an instant, this is a slippery slope to obscurity that companies cannot afford to go down. In short, businesses need folks who specialise in cybersecurity measures, and having a postgraduate diploma in cybersecurity equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to meet that demand. 

Website Stabilisation

Security for Cloud-based Systems

Businesses establish their online presence through their websites, more so if e-commerce is involved. It’s almost inconceivable for shopping platforms like Shopee or Lazada to have their online stores taken down because of a corrupted host server, for instance. A stable website increases a business’ reliability and by extension, the trust that clients and users place on it — this can only be achieved with cybersecurity, as it safeguards and enhances hosting capabilities so businesses can take their growth to the next level. Enrolling in a postgraduate diploma in cybersecurity gives you the opportunity to nurture relevant expertise, such as security for cloud-based systems and other advanced security techniques. 

Enhanced Productivity

Cybersecurity Procedures

More businesses today are investing in their own in-house cybersecurity team instead of engaging in an external service. There’s logic to this trend — for one, in-house teams are more familiar with the company they’re working for, allowing them to better facilitate cybersecurity procedures; for another, this saves businesses valuable time contacting and liaising with the relevant cybersecurity providers. By avoiding an unnecessary waste of time and energy, businesses could see an increase in productivity knowing that there are cybersecurity experts ready to rescue them from potential threats at any given time. Having a postgraduate diploma in cybersecurity could provide you with opportunities to work exclusively for major organisations, giving you much-needed exposure to how cybersecurity is conducted at the very top.

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