Why Applying For A Masters Degree Is An Excellent Choice
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Why Applying For A Masters Degree Is An Excellent Choice

Why Applying For A Masters Degree Is An Excellent Choice

05 May 2021

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A bachelor’s degree is a noteworthy achievement for many, and is traditionally seen as one’s ticket into a stable and successful career. However, industries are growing increasingly competitive and demanding, resulting in many career professionals choosing to continue with further studies and attain their master’s degrees. Here are 4 reasons to consider applying for a master’s programme in Singapore.



  • It enhances your employability.


The foremost goal on most students’ minds when pursuing further education is the competitive advantage that a master’s degree gives them when finding jobs in Singapore and abroad. Due to the increased skills and rigour that they have gone through, postgraduate holders command higher salary while having improved career prospects and stability, and are more resistant to pay cuts and job retrenchments.


Some students may choose to enroll in a master’s programme right after graduating from their bachelor’s degree, allowing them to bypass the traditionally entry-level positions within their respective fields. This allows them to skip what might be considered more ‘menial’ roles at their workplaces, helping them focus and apply for more executive and managerial positions with higher salary, job benefits, and better career progression.


  • It provides first-hand industry experience.


Compared to a bachelor’s degree which still has to fulfill general education requirements for a more balanced experience, a master’s degree in Singapore is geared towards providing focused and rigorous education as well as relevant industry exposure, making it a solid choice for those seeking to find relevant and upper-level employment in their chosen field.


Amity Global provides all our students with Career Guidance and Assistance, conducting industry-oriented activities to better facilitate one’s career progression. We also arrange for various events such as inviting industry experts for guest lectures and onsite visits to various companies for more meaningful learning.


  • It allows you to jump into a new career.


Many university graduates often start off in a career directly related to their major, only to desire a career transition after a few years of work. Enrolling in a master’s programme in Singapore allows them to choose a new career path without having to compromise on starting all over again with a low starting salary.


In addition, master’s programmes are designed to open pathways into additional employment opportunities, such as going on into pursuing a doctorate degree or being qualified to teach in your field of expertise at a tertiary institution, be it a polytechnic or a university. Part-time teaching can be a helpful source of supplemental income to your regular career, while also helping to keep your knowledge up to date.


  • It builds critical thinking skills.


Learning does not end once you complete your academic learning, with lifelong learning being key to a successful and thriving career. Be it utilising new software, learning new operating procedures, or honing organisational skills, a master’s degree prepares you with the resilience, academic rigour, and focus to continually keep at learning and hone your craft to perfection. 


Beyond helping you to thrive and grow in your career, a sharp mind also helps you to grow holistically as a person. From picking up new hobbies and passions to pushing away the slowing of your mental processes across the years, a master’s degree empowers you with the foundation to live life to the fullest.


Interested to pursue further education with flexibility? Visit our website to see our full range of part-time and full-time master’s programmes in Singapore.

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