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Using Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Businesses in Singapore

Using Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Businesses in Singapore

18 Apr 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Businesses in Singapore

Using Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Businesses in Singapore

For many of us, artificial intelligence (AI) is something we’d associate futuristic movies with, although that sentiment has shifted quite drastically over the past few years with rapid advancements made in the field manifested in front of our very eyes, from Siri and Alexa, to self-driving vehicles — it comes in all shapes and sizes, and its potential is indeed quite remarkable, almost as if those Sci-Fi movies have become a reality. Many businesses also rely on AI for a wide range of uses, from boosting revenue to making lives much more convenient for employees. In this article, we will explore the different ways that AI can benefit businesses, and, if you’re considering it, how taking a Masters in AI in Singapore enables you to be a part of this exciting industry locally.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Automation Masters in AI in Singapore

Two of the most sought after benefits of AI implementation in businesses are enhanced efficiency and productivity. This is because AI is able to handle mundane but necessary tasks at a pace and scale that humans are unable to match. Also, by leaving similar menial tasks to AI, this allows human employees to move on to higher-value tasks that technology can’t do. By optimising workflow, businesses can minimise performance-related costs and maximise efficiency by getting the best people/technology to do what they’re good at doing. By taking a Master degree in AI in Singapore, you will be equipped with the fundamental skills needed to handle these AI processes and optimise them for maximum efficiency.

Strengthened Brand Loyalty through Personalisation

Customer experience brand loyalty

As customers, we almost always prefer an element of personalisation in our business transactions as it makes us feel valued, that we’re being looked out for. The reality is that as businesses grow, the capacity to personalise consumer experiences decreases because of the rapid pace at which business is conducted on that scale. Personalisation requires time, effort, and money, as companies attempt to make sense of a sea of data to understand our consumer habits better. AI can automate this process by identifying decision-making patterns and creating personas based on that information. In fact, AI is capable of creating more accurate personalised content for consumers, improving both business branding and customer experience. Enrolling in a Masters in AI programme in Singapore will enable you to create more effective branding AI modules to strengthen brand image and presence.

Streamlining Hiring Processes

Hiring process Masters in AI Singapore

The hiring process is due an overhaul, and with AI, gone are the days of spending many hours pouring over resumes and application forms. The technology is able to scrutinise all that information in a much shorter period of time, eliminating human bias in the process and objectively picking the most suitable candidate for their respective positions. By automating hiring, businesses stand to gain an edge over their competitors by increasing cost-efficiency when securing talent. It is also good news for workplace diversity, as a lack thereof remains an issue even in today’s society. 

As AI technology continues to develop, businesses are finding more ways to incorporate it into their operational models. New and innovative AI is also in demand in many sectors today. Handling these complex machines and programmes requires great skill and knowledge, and to go far in this industry, you’ll need a Master degree in AI in Singapore that will give you all the tools you need to advance your career and contribute meaningfully and significantly to the advancement of AI. 

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