Understanding The Career Options Available To Accountants
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Understanding The Career Options Available To Accountants

Understanding The Career Options Available To Accountants

18 Oct 2021

understanding the career options available to accountants

Contrary to what most people believe, accounting is much more than just filing taxes and crunching numbers. In reality, accounting is a big field with numerous specialities. Learn about some of the various accounting careers that graduates can pursue, and how an accounting degree in Singapore prepares you for your dream career.

Understanding The Career Options Available To Accountants

1. Chartered Accountant

After graduating with an accounting degree in Singapore, the majority of accountants will go on to attain a form of professional accounting qualification to become a chartered accountant. There are various international certifications that are recognised in Singapore and abroad, such as the ACCA, CA, CPA, and ACA, amongst others. Students will study a rigorous coursework that builds up a multi-disciplinary skill set to provide value to whichever industry they are in, allowing them to become key business advisors and experience greater skill progression and personal growth. They are also expected to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, accounting software, and be able to lead a team effectively to achieve business objectives.

Being a chartered accountant also increases your opportunities to working in diverse sectors ranging from financial services and banking to consultancies and government bodies, offering you the flexibility to choose your preferred working environment. Amity Global offers the option for part time accounting courses in Singapore for students to start their journey while having the flexibility to maintain their career. Students will be exposed to various elements of accounting, finance, and business, making the first step for them to eventually become a chartered accountant.

2. Tax Accountant

Tax accountants specialise in helping both businesses and individuals plan for, file, and minimise taxes to be paid in a legal manner and in accordance with Singapore’s tax regulations. They play an invaluable role during the filing of taxes at the start of March in Singapore, and are ideal for graduates who enjoy a fast-paced work environment. Tax accountants generally work for a corporation or are self-employed, and require an accounting degree in Singapore to practice. As part of Amity Global’s syllabus, students will learn about international accounting, finance, as well as ethics, preparing them for the challenging roles that a tax accountant fulfills.

3. Auditor

Auditors are in charge of reviewing a company’s financial statements, documents, data, and accounting entries, and ensure that a company is compliant with local laws and regulations. A key question people have is the difference between tax accountants and auditors. Auditors typically step in after tax accountants have completed their work, and are tasked to uncover wrongdoing or tax evasion that may be either intentional or unintentional. An accounting degree in Singapore is the minimum prerequisite to becoming an auditor, although other skill sets such as developing close working relationships with clients as well as being familiar with compliance in business will help you thrive in this career.

4. Investment Accountant

Investment accountants work in the finance industry, typically for brokerage or asset management companies. Their roles include keeping detailed records of transactions and trade activities, performing various procedures to safeguard investments, as well as providing consulting and financial advice. As a specialised field, investment accountants generally require a professional certification in addition to an accounting degree in Singapore and experience in the investment sector. It also helps to have strong math skills and analytical thinking, in addition to effective communication skills.

5. Forensic Accountant

Forensic accountants are specialists in investigating fraud and other forms of financial misrepresentation, such as money laundering or even terrorism funding. In addition to analysing financial evidence, forensic accountants communicate and present their findings in various settings, and may also assist in legal proceedings such as testifying in court or preparing visual aids. Besides being familiar with legal concepts and procedures, a keen analytical mind and problem-solving skills are essential in this diverse and exciting field.

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