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The Secret To Efficient Business Management At Workplaces

The Secret To Efficient Business Management At Workplaces

17 Jun 2021

Business Degree Manager Interacting with Colleagues

Behind every successful business is a team of capable employees and their business managers. Sustained and effective business management is key to ensuring that companies remain productive and ahead of their competitors, regardless of their industry. Read on to learn more about how a business degree in Singapore paves the way to efficient business management, as well as how our partnership with the University of London benefits students.

Business Degree Manager Interacting with Colleagues

What does Business Management entail?

Business Management encompasses the organising, planning, and managing of a company’s operations and employees. The responsibilities that business managers have are diverse, ranging from implementing overall business strategies, to evaluating both company and individual employees’ performances, as well as handling and executing sales campaigns and advertising efforts.

Business managers are expected to have an astute understanding of fundamental business procedures, such as accounting, marketing, and administration. As they grow in expertise within their chosen industry, they will also learn more specific skill sets pertaining to areas such as marketing and advertising, human resources, consultancy, as well as retail and sales, amongst others.

Business degrees in Singapore, such as the well-established MBA, prepare aspiring executives with the right footing to begin scaling the corporate ladder. They will learn a mixture of technical skills for effective problem solving and strategising, as well as building people skills such as teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution, helping them command their subordinates’ respect and achieve business objectives together. 

Business degrees in Singapore also teach highly transferable skills, allowing easy pivoting to a different industry or even venturing out as an entrepreneur to start a sustainable and thriving start-up. They also provide a platform for students to network with other like-minded individuals and grow their knowledge and potential to collaborate on business endeavours. 

What can I expect from a University of London degree?

Amity Global is honoured to be a partner alongside the University of London (UoL) to offer degree courses in Singapore. UoL is one of the largest and most diverse universities in the UK, with over 120,000 students studying in London and an additional 50,000 students from 190 countries enrolled in an online degree programme. Established in 1836, UoL is an internationally-renowned and forward-thinking university that has improved the lives of millions through quality education. Termed as the ‘People’s University’, it features a vibrant academic community throughout the globe, and a rigorous education that is recognised by employers in Singapore and abroad. 

The University of London offers a variety of business degree courses in Singapore, such as a Master of Business Administration as well as Postgraduate Diplomas in Business Administration. UoL’s MBA is a year-long course that is offered in both full and part-time studies, and equips students with numerous skills for business success in diverse industries. Students are required to cover 6 core modules in accounting and finance, economics, marketing, organisational behaviour and HR management, strategic management, and successful leadership. 

Students are also required to take 4 optional modules within specialist areas of Accountancy, Finance, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Law. They will then round off their MBA by successfully completing a strategic project within their chosen specialist area. Through this intense program, students are equipped with a balance of theoretical skills and the means to implement them in real-world situations, preparing them for tackling the complexities of business wherever they go.

Looking to enroll in a business degree in Singapore? Visit our website to further your education and secure your career today!

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