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The Importance Of Supply Chain Management In Singapore

The Importance Of Supply Chain Management In Singapore

07 Jun 2021

graphic of supply chain management

Even as the current pandemic affects travel and spending, global trade and logistics remain robust due to established supply chains. As a regional trade hub, Singapore requires resilient supply chains to ensure the smooth flow of trade both into and out of our country, which in turn drives both local and global economies. Learn more about what supply chains are, and how supply chain management courses in Singapore equip you to thrive in this critical industry.

graphic of supply chain management

What is Supply Chain Management?

In the global economy, rarely does a single company handle the entire process of production from start to end, due to the immense logistical requirements and lack of specialisation that lead to runaway costs. It is more effective for individual companies to streamline their operations and services, resulting in multiple companies often being involved in getting a product or service to a customer. This combination of companies involved in delivering both goods and services is known as a supply chain.

Supply chains are linked through both physical flows, such as the movement and storage of goods; as well as information flows, such as schematics and long-term plans. Supply chain management refers to the comprehensive handling of these flows, seeking to continually optimise them, lower production costs while improving production cycles, be it R&D for the next iteration of a product or the time taken from extracting raw materials to delivering a finished product to consumers. Proper management also improves the overall experience that end-users/consumers receive, such as swift logistics and shipping and competitive pricing.

Supply chain management specialists in Singapore play a key role in meeting and addressing challenges that supply chains face. They are found in a variety of environments, ranging from handling warehouse logistics to managing technical projects in MNCs. Supply chain management specialists help integrate multiple systems within a company’s workflow, maintain seamless operations and inventories along with prompt troubleshooting, and manage the ‘human element’ of both company staff as well as business partners. In addition, they also adapt the latest technologies such as big-data analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to continually improve reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the supply chain.

What can I expect from a course in Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management courses in Singapore equip students with both technical skills and an efficient mindset geared towards continual problem-solving and streamlining processes while keeping the full picture in mind. Amity Global has partnered with the University of London (UoL) to offer degree courses in Singapore. As an internationally-renowned university with hundreds of thousands of students both in the UK and abroad, a degree from UoL is both rigorous and recognised by employers in Singapore and around the world.

UoL’s masters degree in Supply Chain Management & Global Logistics is ideal for professionals in Singapore seeking to further their expertise and knowledge of the industry. It is a holistic 1 year programme that allows for either full or part-time studying, and offers a mixture of complex case studies, exposure to novel technologies and innovations, as well as exploring contemporary issues before culminating in a final project for students to showcase their learning.

Students should ideally have a bachelors’ degree in a quantitative subject such as Economics, Engineering, or Computer Science; or have extensive career experience in relevant fields such as operations, logistics, and manufacturing. While rigorous and demanding, the degrees offered by UoL in Singapore instill technical and problem-solving skills along with broad perspectives, allowing students to add value to whichever industry they choose, be it shipping, high-tech manufacturing, or e-commerce.

Eager to step into a career in supply chain management? Visit our website to further your education and future today!

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