The Importance Of Seeking Career Guidance For Your Future
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The Importance Of Seeking Career Guidance For Your Future

The Importance Of Seeking Career Guidance For Your Future

23 Aug 2021

Career Guidance Counseling for Students

Be it just entering the workforce or pivoting to another industry, having expert support and advice is invaluable in helping students choose the ideal degrees or diplomas in Singapore to enroll in for their future. Learn more about career guidance and how Amity Global empowers our students to step into their dream careers.

Career Guidance Counseling for Students

What is career guidance?

With increasing competitiveness across the globe, there is extensive pressure on Singaporean students studying bachelor degrees and diplomas alike to ‘get it right’ and choose a major that has both solid prospects and something they enjoy. However, students often discover midway through their degree that their interests and passions lie elsewhere, or desire a career change years later due to either seeking new challenges or desiring a better fit for their interests and passions.

Even after receiving their bachelor degree or diploma in Singapore, students are still expected to adapt and upskill themselves while in their careers. In some cases, companies may send their employees for additional training to learn new skills. In other cases, the onus is left to individual employees to remain competitive and employable, either within their current field or other careers they are interested to pursue. This can lead to much confusion and uncertainty about one’s path, particularly in a constantly changing world.

Career guidance focuses on helping students and graduates acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to make informed decisions regarding their career options at their existing stage of education and life, greatly increasing their likelihood of career success. This can range from choosing which bachelor degree in Singapore to apply for after receiving a diploma or to enter the workforce; or whether to enroll in a professional degree or a top-up class which teaches skills required for career upgrading. Through proper planning, career guidance gives students the clarity and direction to achieve their career and personal goals.

How does Amity Global provide career guidance?

Amity Global provides bachelor degree and diploma students in Singapore with extensive career guidance and assistance. We organise international conferences and panel discussions that involve CEOs, HR directors, as well as heads of financial institutions; allowing students to interact first-hand with industry experts and recruiters and having a strong platform to leverage their potential. In addition, we offer students full access to all activities, databases, and opportunities, not just in Singapore but globally through our robust network of professionals.

For students who feel lost and overwhelmed, our experienced career guidance staff are equipped to guide students across all walks of life, be it a first-year diploma student or a final year bachelor degree undergraduate. They provide a confidential and safe space without judgement, seeking to understand each student’s individual goals and career plans and provide a general roadmap to achieving them in their desired timeframe.

Through a variety of personality and aptitude tests, career guidance staff can better explore each student’s unique skills and strengths to recommend specific directions for students to consider, while also factoring in general requirements and technical skills needed for entry-level positions in Singapore, such as those that a diploma holder can apply for. They also help to look through students’ resumes and point out areas they can improve on, bolstering their chances of being accepted for applied positions. In addition, career guidance staff also offer suggestions on thriving in one’s career; be it ways to streamline work efficiency, self-care tips to avoid burnout at work, or tactful ways to approach workplace conflict and negotiate a salary increase.

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