The Essential Skills for a Career in Banking and Finance l Amity Global
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The Essential Skills for a Career in Banking and Finance

The Essential Skills for a Career in Banking and Finance

21 Feb 2022

the essential skills for a career in banking and finance

The Essential Skills for a Career in Banking and Finance

It’s no secret that the banking and finance industry is thriving in Singapore. It has consistently ranked near the top of the world’s biggest financial hubs — 3rd only behind New York and London. This means that it has already overtaken Hong Kong as the top financial hub in Asia. Singapore’s strategic geographic location and strong economic policies have also attracted many MNCs to its shores to venture into the Asian markets. 

Facts aside, it’s not difficult to recognise Singapore as a financial giant even as a lay person. The Singapore Dollar, for instance, has remained strong through the years, even matching the Australian Dollar in recent times. In short, opportunities in banking and finance are plentiful, and if you wish to carve a lucrative career in Singapore, this is where you start. However, the industry is frenetic and sometimes cutthroat, and one needs to possess certain skills in order to thrive in such a fast-paced environment. This article will therefore explore the various essential skills that you need, as well as the required accreditation, such as a Diploma in Banking and Finance, and beyond.

Academic Credentials

Banking and finance requires a specific set of skills and knowledge that can only be obtained by enrolling in a relevant diploma course. Here at Amity, our Diploma in Banking and Finance programme is an extensive and in-depth coverage of the industry through seminars, workshops, business games and simulations, and other forms of independent study that can be easily done with the huge variety of study material at your disposal. This programme prepares students for higher education in a similar field and can even set them up for a starting position in the industry itself. A diploma course like this is essential if you’re making your first steps into a new sector with little inkling on what it’s all about and what’s required of you. This ensures you walk into the next chapter of your career with both eyes open. 

Numeracy Skills

This goes without saying, but in order to thrive in banking and finance, one needs to first and foremost be highly proficient with numbers. This also includes the ability to analyse graphical information, draw relevant conclusions, and present your findings. This becomes especially important if you’re looking to become an actuary, because businesses and governments alike rely on your findings and figures to plan for the future. Depending on which actuary firm you work for, some even require you to have a Degree in Mathematics. Regardless, numeracy skills can be nurtured through a Diploma in Banking and Finance as well, and will set you up for a profession that is arguably even more rewarding and lucrative than traditional banking and finance professions like investment banking.

Communication & People Skills

Getting a Diploma in Banking and Finance is but a fraction of what you need to thrive in the industry. Theory ultimately doesn’t teach you vital communication skills, nor does it nurture emotional intelligence. Both of these skills are interlinked, in that they allow you to communicate effectively to co-workers and clients alike. Banking and finance comes with a good deal of report-drafting and conveying financial jargons to individuals who may not be experts in your field or even understand the nuances it entails. It is therefore important to hone your communication and people skills to be able to convey information in a clear and concise manner. This is where having high emotional intelligence also allows you to build relationships that are absolutely essential in the industry.

For more information regarding Amity’s Diploma in Banking and Finance, and other relevant diploma courses, visit our website here.

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