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The Benefits Of Learning A Diploma In Hospitality Management

The Benefits Of Learning A Diploma In Hospitality Management

20 May 2021

Hotelier in dealing with guests at the counter

As the world gradually regains a sense of normalcy, hospitality-based sectors such as tourism, accommodation, and events management remain hopeful for a return in demand. Having a skillset in hospitality management gives you a headstart in one of Singapore’s most thriving industries. Read on to learn more about hospitality management and how hospitality courses in Singapore equip you with the professional skills to succeed in this lucrative career.


Hotelier in dealing with guests at the counter


What is Hospitality Management?

At its core, hospitality management stems from a desire to provide the utmost in quality service and experience for guests. Individuals utilise various skill sets to solve practical problems, be it leading and managing hotel teams such as front desk staff, housekeeping, and sales; or planning and providing impeccable experiences for guests at a seaside resort.

Most people’s idea of hospitality management extends to staff who operate classy hotels and luxurious resorts. In truth, hospitality management is a broad field that includes the aforementioned jobs, alongside others such as travel agents and attendants, F&B managers at restaurants and catering companies, as well as planners of MICE (meetings, incentive, conferences, and exhibitions) events. Hospitality courses in Singapore go a long way in instilling the necessary skills to succeed in these diverse careers.

The hallmark of a skilled hospitality manager is the degree to which they continually seek to improve their customers’ experiences. Many students choose to specialise in their field, learning more specific skills such as public relations, marketing, and even culinary arts. With a versatile array of managerial, social, and strategic skills, hospitality managers have a stable and meaningful career that prepares them to become the GM of a hotel or the F&B manager of a restaurant chain alike.

A part time hospitality diploma course in Singapore is ideal for those who embrace novel perspectives and insights, and enjoy working outside the office. Through hands-on experience and a rigorous curriculum, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work both in Singapore and abroad, helping them stay adaptable and resourceful.

What can I expect from a Diploma in Hospitality?

Hospitality courses in Singapore expose students to the general structure and operation of the various hospitality and tourism sectors and related industries. They also hone their skills and knowledge in leadership, managing people, delivering quality service, basic finance and marketing, as well as effectively identifying and responding to clients’ needs. 

In addition, hospitality courses teach versatile skills that are useful in other careers, such as strong communication, negotiation, and delegation skills for upper management, IT skills to help in collecting, analysing, and presenting information through spreadsheets and databases, as well as critical thinking skills to identify problems and innovate solutions while under constant pressure.

Amity Global offers a range of diploma courses in Singapore, such as our Diploma in Hospitality Operations and Management. It comes with the option for either full-time or part-time studying, making it ideal for students who want to fully commit to studying as well as those juggling work and other commitments.

Students will be exposed to various disciplines, ranging from room division and food service operations to basic principles of management and finance, as well as the nuances of customer service. Full-time students will also have the option for an industrial attachment in their chosen sector, giving them hands-on experience and allowing them to put the skills they’ve learnt into practice through tackling real-world problems and deriving solutions.

Interested in starting on a new career path? Visit our website to see our full range of both full-time and part-time diploma courses in Singapore today.

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