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The Benefits Of Attaining An Accounting Degree In Singapore

The Benefits Of Attaining An Accounting Degree In Singapore

19 Jul 2021

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Accountancy is one of the most established and reputable careers, both in Singapore and across the globe. While challenging, it is also highly rewarding and offers solid career growth. Learn more about the benefits of pursuing accounting courses in Singapore.

What are the benefits of learning accounting?

Accounting degrees in Singapore offer a number of enduring benefits for students. Firstly, they instill key skills such as financial recording and reporting, computing taxes and preparing proper returns. In addition, accountancy also instils a thorough understanding of business administration and statistical analyses, which proves valuable in both accountancy and other related fields such as data analysts and business development.

This facilitates students’ eventual specialisation within accountancy into diverse fields, ranging from auditors who thoroughly examine a company’s financial records, project accountants who oversee individual projects’ financial statuses, forensic accountants who uncover omissions and fraud, as well as investment accountants who maintain clients’ investments effectively. 

Secondly, accounting is an established profession that will always see demand, particularly with the rise of business startups in Singapore and across the globe. With businesses across all industries constantly requiring their taxes to be properly filed according to government regulations, this ensures that accountants enjoy a stable and profitable career. Accountants also enjoy good earning potential, with an average annual salary of $49,000 in Singapore, which continually increases with greater experience and qualifications. 

Lastly, accounting courses prepare graduates in Singapore to receive globally recognised accounting qualifications. Some of the most common qualifications include the ACCA, ISCA, and CPA, amongst others. Each of these qualifications has their own prerequisites, such as a minimum number of years working in the industry as well as undergoing gruelling studies and examinations to earn the qualification. While demanding, these qualifications confer a professional title on accountants, further advancing both their salary and careers within the financial service sector and additional specialised knowledge that one can apply in their work.

What can I expect from an accounting course?

Amity offers a wide range of accounting courses for students in Singapore, ranging from diplomas to bachelors’ degrees. They cater to students of all backgrounds, with a Diploma in Accounting being a popular starting point for students due to requiring fewer courses and providing a basic foundation for students to obtain faster employment upon graduation. Some courses are also specifically designed to help students ace their desired accounting qualification as well, by focusing on their particular syllabus and materials.

In comparison, accounting degrees are longer in duration, going more in-depth into various technical skills and cross-industry knowledge. Amity Global Institute offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Finance and Accounting (Top-up) degree in Singapore, in conjunction with the prestigious Teesside University based in the UK. This degree is designed to serve as a top up to one’s existing Bachelor degree in a finance-related subject, and is 1 year in duration with both full and part time options.

During this course, students will cover topics such as international accounting, ethics, governance and accountability, international finance, as well as business research methods. It culminates in a capstone business project for students to either conduct research on areas of academic interest, or focus on problem-solving through a self-initiated investigation.

Looking to enroll in quality accounting courses in Singapore? Visit our website to find out more.

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