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Study Abroad Programme

Study Abroad Programme

Amity Global Institute, Singapore, offers students the opportunity to choose from three Study Abroad Programmes destinations, each spanning five weeks in duration and taking place at our following partner institutions.

The Study Abroad Programme Advantages

  • Exposure to new cultures and ways of thinking.
  • Opportunity to learn new academic and practical skills.
  • Chance to network with professionals and students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Possibility to improve language proficiency and communication skills.
  • Personal growth and development through challenging oneself in a new environment.
  • Increase employability and competitiveness in the job market.
  • Experience to add to one’s resume and showcase to future employers.
  • Opportunity to build lifelong friendships and connections.


Our Study Abroad programmes are exclusively available to current students enrolled in diploma programmes at Amity Global Institute, Singapore.


  • The programme fee is S$11,500.
  • The fee covers only the Amity Diploma and SAP fees, including tuition fees and accommodation costs.
  • The price does not cover additional expenses like daily expenses, meals, insurance, visa, and round-trip airfare.

*Please note that the aforementioned fees apply to students who opt for the specified diploma pathway programme during their application stage. If students choose to enrol in SAP midway through the diploma programme, the fee structure may differ.



Do you have any questions regarding our Study Abroad Programmes?

Contact our Admissions & Student Management department.

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