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Students Finance Myths Debunked

Students Finance Myths Debunked

24 Oct 2023

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Starting college can be both exciting and overwhelming as it is often accompanied by a cloud of uncertainty concerning finances. Higher education money matters are complicated as it is, and it does not really help when it is also often fueled by incorrect information. Often doing more harm than good, these misconceptions deter students from accessing the great advantages of a tertiary education.

Let’s debunk some common myths to help you make informed decisions about your finances. 

Myth 1 – You need to be rich to attend a university

One of the biggest myths about pursuing a bachelor’s degree is that it’s exclusively for the rich. Although this myth might discourage you, don’t be fooled.

A variety of financial aid packages, including grants, scholarships, and work-study programmes exist to help a broader range of students in need. Universities also offer various assistance options, considering factors like your family’s income, the cost of attendance, and even your own financial situation. Student loans are available as well with favourable interest rates and flexible repayment options. Be sure to explore available financial aid options and consult with your institution’s financial aid office to determine your eligibility for assistance.

Myth 2 – You will be paying off your student loan your whole life

The fear of being shackled to debt for life is another common misconception that discourages students from getting a loan for their education. While it’s true that student loans require repayment, it does not mean a lifetime of debt. 

Student loans for part-time degree courses often come with manageable repayment plans based on your income. Responsible budgeting, making extra payments when possible, and exploring loan cancellation programmes for specific careers, such as public service or teaching, can all contribute to paying off your loans faster than expected.

Remember, these loans are an investment in your future, potentially increasing your lifetime earnings. 

Myth 3 – You should pay off your student loan as fast as possible

Paying off loans quickly might seem smart in the beginning, but it’s not always the most financially savvy choice. Some would argue that paying off your student loans too fast could mean missing out on other important financial opportunities.

For example, when your finances are all focused on quickly paying off your advanced diploma student loans, you miss out on building an emergency fund, saving for retirement, or investing in your future which are crucial for long-term financial stability. Find a balance between loan repayment and other financial priorities for a more secure future. You can consider creating a detailed financial plan that takes into account your loan interest rates, overall financial health, and long-term objectives.

Understanding the myths and highlighting the facts of student finance is important for making smart decisions about your education and financial future. you can navigate student finance successfully and pave the way for a brighter future by seeking out accurate information and making smart financial choices, 

At Amity Global Institute, we are dedicated to providing quality education and supporting students in their pursuit of knowledge and career excellence. No matter if you are looking to start or move higher in your academic path, we offer a wide range of courses and financial aid that would surely help. Contact us today to know more!

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