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SG Clean

SG Clean

29 Mar 2021

Ensuring SG Clean was launched on 16 February 2020 by the National Environment Agency (NEA). The SG Clean campaign seeks to rally stakeholders and public members to do their part by adopting good personal habits and social responsibility, raising standards of cleanliness and public hygiene in Singapore and safeguarding public health.

The main motto of this initiative is to raise hygiene standards and transform the cleanliness levels of public spaces. Under the SG Clean campaign, school premises are recommended to adopt the SG Clean quality mark to reflect their commitment and ownership of maintaining high standards of environmental public hygiene at their premises.

Through collective action by all the staff members and students, Amity Global Institute, Singapore, owns the SG Clean Certification on 29/3/2021. AGI Singapore has contributed towards safeguarding public health and making AGI, Singapore campus a cleaner, conducive, and pleasant environment for all.

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