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Business and Management Courses in Singapore

Businesses must manage a variety of tasks in order for them to run smoothly, expand in all directions, and establish a reputation in the marketplace. One of the main causes of the demise of many start-up businesses that are unable to survive in the market is the failure in the management of the firm and its operations. For this very reason, completing management courses is very essential for those who want to launch their own firm in the future. Moreover, many business owners consider business management courses as a certification standard for selecting the top managers for their organisations.

Amity has partnered with University of London, University of Northampton and Teesside University to offer a number of business management courses in Singapore, to help students learn more about the industry. Develop your business management skills by enrolling with us in certifications, diplomas, advanced diplomas, bachelors and master’s programmes, which aims to train you for a career in business management. We offer these management courses in part-time and full-time study modes.

Get International Level of Training With Us

Amity Global Institute offers well-established University of London, University of Northampton and Teesside University. Taking management courses from these globally recognised universities is a symbol of distinction that is valued by employers all over the world. Having a degree from our programmes based on these renowned universities offers the security of an internationally recognized credential along with an active campus life. All management courses offered by Amity Global Institute as a partner of University of London, Teesside University and the University of Northampton, are created and evaluated by the esteemed member institutions to ensure the quality of education being offered. You will join a community of notable alumni after graduation, including business leaders, industry experts, innovators and more.

Data Science and IT Courses in Singapore

Amity Global Institute provides a variety of IT courses in Singapore as well as Data Science Course at various levels of education, ranging from a Diploma in Computing for ‘A’ Level graduates to bachelors (honours) or master’s programmes from UK universities for professionals or private / polytechnic diploma holders. 

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study. It blends research in statistics, communications, developing information systems, and computing. An introduction to programming and statistics will lay the groundwork for more advanced studies in data mining, cybersecurity, and computer modelling. Your ability to extract, analyse, and visualise massive volumes of data as well as convey analytical findings to a variety of audiences will be enhanced by taking a data science course. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to work in a variety of fields where data science is essential for innovation. An industry advisory panel that oversees the content of our Data Science Courses here at Amity Global Institute. Members of the group include experts in management consulting, database management, and the creation of geodatabase products.

Our IT courses encompass essential programming and security skills of modern computers and computer networks, specialised in various elements of distributed computing. Throughout your time taking IT courses, you will use industry relevant tools to study network programming and other types of programming. The IT courses cover a variety of topics, starting with the fundamentals and working up to more complex subjects. You’ll get solid knowledge of the computer systems and procedures used in the creation and upkeep of software. Our IT Courses are intended to prepare students for professions in highly sought-after fields of computing, and Amity Global Institute closely collaborates with industry partners to develop course material.

Learn more about our Information and Technology and Data Science Courses in Singapore.

Hospitality and Tourism Courses Singapore

Through applied knowledge from Amity, you may start or advance your career in hospitality and tourism management. We offer a variety of part-time and full-time hospitality courses in Singapore. These include a Diploma in Hospitality Operations and Management; and Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management. Besides, private / polytechnic graduates can explore the Top-up honours degree from Teesside University UK, which aims to embrace their skills regarding hospitality business development and supervision.

Accounting, Banking and Finance Courses

We offer full-time and part-time Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees as well as Diploma in accounting and finance with professional qualification via our UK University Partners and Professional Body, ACCA. Our finance and accounting courses in Singapore will teach you how to interpret financial and management accounting data and also how to apply accounting and finance concepts to management decision-making.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics Courses in Singapore

Amity offers a wide range of Supply Chain management courses, ranging from a diploma to master’s in Supply Chain Management course from the University of London, with the aim of advancing your professional skills by acquiring a comprehensive understanding of global supply chains, developing the strategic and analytical resources necessary to handle them. Master’s in Supply Chain Management as well as Logistics courses in Singapore are also offered for further immersive learning in the logistics industry.

There are many reasons why taking a Supply Chain Management course is vital for those who want to climb the ranks in the industry. First, the Logistics industry is evolving due to the continuous advancement of technology. This leads to consumers raising their demands for quality and reliable supply chain management solutions. Another thing is that the booming of eCommerce has led to the flourishing of the Logistics industry. With that, comes the need for knowledgeable professionals who can positively contribute to the industry and the companies they will be working for.

Here at Amity Global Institute, we designed our Supply Chain Management and Logistics courses in such a way that the graduates will be ready for the revolutionised field they will be entering. We keep our instructions and resources up to date with the latest trends in the industry to hone our students’ knowledge and skills when it comes to developing solutions and processes as well as making informed decisions for their companies. As a postgraduate degree, our logistics course will expose the students to real life situations where they can gather more insights and learn from experience.

Language Courses

In Singapore, Amity provides a wide variety of English proficiency programmes. Our lessons are conducted one-on-one or in small groups, with topics and resources customised to your individual learning needs.

Law Courses Singapore

The University of Northampton has created a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme in Law to provide a qualification for students who want to work in the legal industry or in professions where legal experience is useful. For students, it serves as a stand-alone degree.

Professional Body Courses

Amity Singapore provides students with all they need to pass their ACCA exams with confidence, including highly qualified tutors, exam-based learning materials, flexible study arrangements, and much more.

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