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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (E-Learning)

Diploma Courses in Singapore

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Amity Global Institute (AGI) offers a variety of private diploma courses that are tailored to support students’ long-term goals and enable them to enrol in degrees offered by our university partners. The following are some of the advantages of our diploma programmes:

Advantages of Pursuing Private Diploma in Singapore

  • Choice of Full-time and Part-time study.
  • Choice of five disciplines.
  • Pathway to three UK universities partners programs.
  • Conducive learning climate environment at Amity campus.

Amity Global Institute is a higher education institution in Singapore with the goal of cultivating future innovators and socio-economic leaders. We want to prepare our students to enter the workforce not as normal employee, but with a competitive edge in the sector in which they will work.

Choice of Full-Time and Part-time Diploma at AGI

At Amity Global Institute, students enjoy the flexibility of choosing between full-time and part-time study options. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for individuals with various commitments, such as work or personal responsibilities. Full-time students can immerse themselves fully in their studies, while part-time students have the opportunity to balance education with other aspects of their lives. This versatility caters to a diverse range of learners, allowing them to pursue their diploma while accommodating their unique schedules and preferences.

Choice of 5 Disciplines—Job-Ready Diploma Programmes

Amity Global Institute provides students with a diverse range of disciplines to choose from, allowing them to align their education with their interests and career aspirations. The availability of multiple disciplines ensures that students can pursue a diploma program that resonates with their passion and goals. Whether it’s business, technology, healthcare, arts, or another field, students have the opportunity to specialize in a discipline that suits their individual strengths and aspirations, thereby enhancing their overall learning experience.

Pathway to Internationally Renowned UK Universities Programmes

One distinctive feature of Amity Global Institute is its collaboration with three prominent UK universities. This partnership opens up pathways for students to seamlessly transition to degree programs offered by these universities. This not only provides students with an opportunity to earn an internationally recognized qualification but also allows for a smooth academic progression. 

Why Pursue A Diploma Course at AGI, Singapore?

Amity Global Institute is committed to fostering a conducive learning environment at its campus. We strive to create a setting that promotes effective learning, collaboration, and personal development. The campus facilities are designed to support student needs, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, and study spaces. The emphasis on a positive learning climate ensures that students have the resources and atmosphere necessary for academic success. 

Opting for a diploma program in Singapore offers a myriad of benefits for aspiring individuals. Diploma courses are designed to provide practical, hands-on skills that are directly applicable to specific industries, enhancing employability upon graduation. Our diploma programs emphasize industry-relevant training, allowing students to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Moreover, diploma courses often have a more focused curriculum, enabling students to specialize in their chosen fields. The relatively shorter duration of diploma programs allows for a quicker entry into the workforce, making it an efficient pathway for those seeking swift career entry or advancement. 

Full-Time Working Professional? Enrol in A Part-Time Diploma at AGI

Designed to accommodate busy schedules, our part-time diploma programs can assist you in elevating your professional journey as a full-time working professional by offering strategic pathways to pick up new and relevant skills. 

As the business landscape continues to evolve rapidly, staying abreast of industry trends and keeping up with innovative technology is critical. Enhance your expertise and equip yourself with more abilities at any of our part-time courses today. 

Bachelor Degree

Amity delivers a range of bachelor’s degree options in collaboration with our four university partners to help students in advancing their professional growth.

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Diploma Courses

Amity offers a variety of private diploma courses that are tailored to support students’ long-term goals and enable them to enrol in degrees offered by our university partners.

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Foundation Courses

An Amity foundation course offers students a solid foundation in skill sets and experience for developing a career in their chosen profession.

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In Singapore, Amity provides a wide variety of English proficiency programmes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Right now, the Information Technology field is very popular and worth getting into.

Diplomas are the certifications you get upon completion of a course in a university.

Yes, if you want to get a chance to find a higher-level job, as they require more expertise.

Advanced diplomas are meant for students who have completed a set of courses. Usually, they’re given to students who have completed three or more years of higher education.

There’s no one size fits all for students. Someone may find it easier to go into mechanical engineering, others in IT, and so on.

Diplomas are usually given to those who have received higher education. So basically, yes, they are.

Part-time diplomas offer the flexibility to balance education with work or other commitments. This allows individuals to enhance their skills and qualifications without interrupting their careers or daily responsibilities. The ability to earn a diploma while working part-time or full-time provides a practical approach to skill development and career advancement.

The duration of part-time diploma programs varies depending on the institution and the specific program. Generally, part-time diplomas take longer to complete than their full-time counterparts due to a reduced number of courses taken per semester. The flexibility of part-time study allows individuals to pace themselves according to their schedules, and completion times can range from a couple of years to several years, depending on the program’s structure and requirements.

Part-time diplomas are generally recognized by employers, especially if obtained from reputable institutions such as Amity Global Institute. Employers often value the practical skills gained during part-time study, appreciating the dedication and multitasking abilities demonstrated by individuals pursuing education while working. It’s important to choose accredited institutions and programs to ensure the recognition of the part-time diploma. Additionally, some part-time diploma programs may serve as a pathway to further education, allowing individuals to articulate into higher-level qualifications if desired.

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