Part-Time & Full-Time Bachelor Degree Courses in Singapore
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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business with Marketing

Part-Time & Full-Time Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Singapore

Benefits of Our Bachelor’s Degree Programmes 

Amity delivers a range of full-time and part-time bachelor’s degree courses in Singapore in collaboration with our four university partners to help students in advancing their professional growth. The following are some of the benefits of our bachelor’s degree programmes:

Choice of full-time and part-time courses

Amity Global Institute offers full-time or part-time bachelor’s degree courses in Singapore, allowing students to balance their education with personal and professional responsibilities. Learners can pursue a world-class education without compromising their work or life commitments.

Choice of 5 disciplines, three UK universities honours degree

Students can choose from five disciplines — Business and Management, Data Science and IT, Hospitality and Tourism, Accounting, Finance and Banking, Supply Chain Management and Logistics — to suit their interests and career aspirations. These degree programmes in Singapore are offered in partnership with prestigious UK universities: University of London, University of Northampton, and Teesside University, featuring an enriching curriculum with global perspectives and specialised expertise.

Second & third-year direct entry for diploma & advanced diploma graduates

Amity Global Institute provides a pathway for diploma or advanced diploma graduates to enter directly into the second or third year respectively of our bachelor’s degree programmes, facilitating a faster completion and smoother transition to higher education.

Completion in 12 to 36 months

Our bachelor degree courses in Singapore are designed to be completed within 12 to 36 months, offering a streamlined education that propels students towards their career goals swiftly and efficiently.

Amity at Orchard Road campus conducive learning climate

Located at the heart of Singapore, Orchard Road, our campus offers a conducive learning environment that enhances student focus and academic performance. The serene and scholarly atmosphere fosters deep learning and student success.

Pursue Full Time & Part Time Bachelor’s Degree at Amity Global Institute (AGI)

As an institution that has been offering tertiary education since its inception, Amity Global Institute understands students’ struggles by heart. Some are facing financial difficulties that hinder them from pursuing their bachelor’s degree in full time. Some are working while studying. Some have family matters to take care of. For this reason, we offer part time degree courses in Singapore.

Our part-time degree programmes are structured to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals and those with family to take care of. Students will be able to juggle work, school and other responsibilities more efficiently. Learners can choose from a variety of disciplines to suit their goals, and classes for our part-time degree courses are typically held in the evenings, allowing students to manage their studies alongside their personal commitments. Each semester, part-time students can choose to take fewer courses, providing the flexibility to progress at a pace that suits their lifestyle.

Whether you choose a full time or part-time degree in Singapore, Amity Global Institute is here to help you climb the ladder to a better career opportunity.

Why Take a Bachelor Degree at Amity Global Institute

Emphasis on Practical Learning

Amity Global Institute’s industry-oriented curriculum is designed to enhance students’ overall personalities and prepare them comprehensively for the corporate world. Our practical learning approach ensures students are job-ready well before graduation, aligning with the needs of modern business environments.

Accredited Certifications

All degree programs at Amity Global Institute are registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore, meeting stringent educational standards. Our bachelor’s degree programmes are recognised both locally and globally, bolstered by our partnerships with internationally renowned universities.

Global Recognition

A bachelor’s degree from Amity Global Institute is enhanced through partnerships with globally recognised universities, offering students a broad international perspective and increased global career opportunities. This global recognition supports graduates in securing positions worldwide.

Flexible Schedule for Working Professionals – Enrol in Our Part-Time Degree in Singapore

Other Programmes We Offer

At Amity Global Institute, we provide a diverse array of academic programmes across multiple levels of tertiary education, from foundational courses to post-graduate degrees, catering to a wide spectrum of academic and professional goals.

Diploma Courses

Amity Global Institute offers a range of tailored diploma courses designed to align with students’ long-term career objectives. These courses provide essential skills and knowledge, facilitating seamless progression into degree programs offered by our prestigious university partners.

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Foundation Courses

Amity Global Institute’s foundation diploma courses lay the groundwork for academic and professional success, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields. These courses are ideal for students looking to strengthen their academic base before pursuing higher education.

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Amity Global Institute offers an extensive selection of English proficiency programmes in Singapore, designed to enhance students’ language skills critical for academic and professional success in a globalised context. These courses range from basic language acquisition to advanced business communication.

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Postgraduate Degrees

Our postgraduate degrees cater to professionals seeking advanced knowledge and skills to elevate their careers. These programmes are structured to provide in-depth expertise in specialised fields, combining rigorous academics with practical insights.

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Master’s Degrees

Amity Global Institute’s Master’s Degree programmes are crafted to advance your professional and personal development. These programmes combine theoretical knowledge with practical applications, taught by experienced faculty, to prepare graduates for leadership roles in their respective industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bachelor’s Degree Courses at AGI

Most students who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree programme in Singapore take 12 to 36 monthsto complete the degree.

There are several benefits of taking a Bachelor’s degree in Singapore. First, you are entitled to take the course at your own pace, which means that you can choose between full-time and part-time degree schemes. You will also have a plethora of options for the discipline you wish to enrol in. Moreover, you will have better opportunities after graduation.

The cost of taking part-time degree courses in Singapore may vary depending on the specialisation you want to take. However, taking a part-time degree at Amity Global Institute fees is similar to full-time degree.

A part-time degree programme is being offered for students who are committed to their professional career and are working professionals.. With part time degree courses, the students can study part-time in the evening and maintain their work-life balance.

Degree programmes provide flexibility in scheduling and course durations, catering to the needs of working professionals and individuals with other commitments. Collaborations with reputable foreign universities allow students to earn internationally recognised degrees without leaving Singapore.

Degree programmes in Singapore undergo registration with the Committee for Private Education (CPE), ensuring adherence to high educational standards. While degrees are recognised within Singapore, their global recognition varies. Checking the accreditation status and reputation of the specific institution is crucial. Some private institutions establish partnerships with overseas universities, enhancing the global recognition of their degrees.

Intake periods for Bachelor’s Degree programmes in Singapore vary depending on the partner university and the course in question. For exact dates and details, please visit the respective course pages.

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