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Getting to YES in negotiation

Getting to YES in negotiation

We negotiate on practically everything at work. From persuading colleagues and team members to prioritize your projects or tasks; making a case to your Manager for additional resources; and seeking out the best deals on goods and services, and more. However, Negotiation can be tough sometimes. By mastering the skills of Negotiation, you can gain a strong advantage in influencing the outcomes of the Negotiation. It can be said that whoever control the Negotiation, control the Outcome. In this workshop, you will be exposed to The Harvard Approach to Negotiation, namely the Principled Negotiation Model by Roger Fisher and William Ury of Harvard. The method is hard on merits, soft on people. The principles include focusing on Interest, rather the positions of the parties, generating a variety of Options before settling on an agreement. And the desirable outcome is achieved amicably by all parties based on merits, rather than wasteful haggling process. And the method is simple to use and master by anyone.

 In this workshop, participants will learn:

  1. Discover the successful Harvard Approach to Negotiation
  2. Master the simple and effective model of Principled Negotiation
  3. Leverage on Negotiation Strategies to influence the outcomes of the Negotiation
  4. Uncover the hidden Interest of the parties through learning effective Questioning Techniques that works
  5. Master proven Closing Techniques to achieve the desirable outcome.

Programme Overview

Workshop Duration:

2 Days

Next Intake: TBA

Mode: Both Corporate and Public Class are available (Class size capped at 25 pax)

Who Should Attend: 

– Sales Professionals & Sales Leaders
– Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
– Mid-to-Senior level Managers and Executives
– Communicators and Influencers of the organization

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