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Master of Science International Management

Master of Science International Management

Teesside University

The Master of Science International Management by Teesside University is for future business managers looking to become competent in international business operations and strategic management.

The programme features modules relevant to today’s global marketplace, such as “Sustainable Leadership” and “Managing People in Global Organisations”, preparing candidates to take on the modern-day challenges faced by multinational corporations. 

Emphasising the integration of theory and practice, students will explore the challenges facing global business, including sustainability, technological disruption, and strategic change management. And gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours to develop entrepreneurial attitudes and drive innovation, ensuring business takes a leading role in providing solutions to societal challenges.

Programme Objective

The Master in International Business Management is structured to elevate your expertise in global business operations and strategic management, prepping you for leadership roles in the international business landscape. 

This master’s degree equips students with an advanced understanding of diverse business practices and the capacity to spearhead cross-cultural teams, focusing on strategic challenges such as sustainability and technological innovation. Unlike a general business degree, this program delves into global operations and international market insights, providing you with the tools to become a forward-thinking business manager in a global context.

What to Expect

As you progress through the Master in International Business Management, you can anticipate:

  • Gaining insights into the global business environment and understanding the impact of economic, cultural, and political factors on international trade and investment.
  • Developing skills to lead and manage across cultures, focusing on the application of strategic management principles in a global setting.
  • Learning to navigate and address global business challenges, including sustainability, technological changes, and the need for strategic innovation.
  • Build competencies in designing and implementing international business strategies, preparing you to contribute towards global business development and leadership.

Course Structure & Duration

The Master of Science International Management at Amity Global Institute in Singapore is structured to cover essential areas of global business management. Here are the core modules included in the programme:

Sustainable Leadership: Develops self-leadership skills essential for navigating the complexities of modern, sustainable organisations. This module emphasises creative and entrepreneurial leadership approaches necessary for organisational agility and success.

Global Business Environment: Management and the Economy: Provides a thorough understanding of global economic processes and the economic environment impacting business operations. This module combines micro and macro-economic theories to help students analyse external business factors.

Managing Operations and Finance: Focuses on the principles and practices of managing financial and operational resources within organisations, highlighting the importance of efficient and effective resource management in dynamic environments.

Managing People in Global Organisations: Addresses the recruitment and development of talent in global settings, emphasising the strategic utilisation of skilled and knowledgeable employees for organisational success.

Postgraduate Business Research Methods: Equips students with advanced research skills, including the design and implementation of research projects that tackle contemporary business issues. This module prepares students for the rigorous demands of academic and professional research.

Dissertation: Offers students the opportunity to undertake a substantial research project focused on a significant business issue, allowing them to synthesise and apply their knowledge and skills to real-world organisational challenges.

Students can choose from two distinct routes to earn their Master of Science in International Management:


Route Duration Starting Month
Full-time/Part-time 1 year 26 Feb 2024
20 May 2024
19 Aug 2024
7 Oct 2024

Regardless if you opt for a full-time or part-time programme, all students receive the same comprehensive coverage of modules, access to lectures and tutorial materials, ensuring that every graduate is equally prepared for the demands of a career in international business.

Admission Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria Requirements
Age Requirements 20 years old
Academic Requirements The normal entry requirement is one of the following:

  • An honours degree (at least a 2:2)
  • A post-experience* or professional qualification
  • Equivalent qualifications (including international qualifications).

* Refer to below ‘Mature Candidate’

English Proficiency Requirements
Mature Applicants Candidates who are at least 30 years of age with at least 8 years of working experience. To qualify as a mature candidate, you are required to submit a Personal Statement of not more than 200 words and 2 Referee Reports from at least one employer. Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.
Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) / Credit Exemption Students holding the Amity Global Institute’s Postgraduate Diploma in Management are eligible for credit exemption of 60 credits and will study the following modules:

  • Sustainable Leadership (20 credits)
  • Managing in a Challenging Environment (20 credits)
  • Postgraduate Business Research Methods (20 credits)
  • Dissertation (60 credits)

MSc International Management Course Fees & Curriculum Structure

Course Application Fee
Course Application Fee* Local Students : S$150 (Onetime Only)
International Students : S$450 (Onetime Only)
– Course application fee is non refundable.
– Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.
Fees Breakdown Total Payable
  Local International
Tuition Fee S$22,000 S$22,000
Total Course Fees Payable S$22,000 S$22,000
  1. Course Fee is inclusive of Tuition Fees & Exam Fees (one time)
  2. FPS Insurance premiums are paid by Amity, unless stated in the Student Contract which has to be paid by the student separately.
  3. Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.
  4. Fees indicated are exclusive of Non-Tuition Fee of S$ 1580.
  5. Valid Employment Pass / Special Pass / Work Permit Holders to will pay ‘Local’ Course Fees.
  6. For Miscellaneous Fees: Click Here
  7. Click Here for more information on the Mode of Payment.

The programme develops your understanding of strategic and change management alongside cross-cultural and internationalisation aspects of business. It reflects the main functional areas of international business and integrates theoretical knowledge with practical enterprise skills in a global context.

Module Titles Credits
Sustainable Leadership 20
Global Business Environment: Management and The Economy 20
Managing in a Challenging Environment 20
Managing Operations and Finance 20
Managing People in Global Organisations 20
Postgraduate Business Research Methods 20
Dissertation 60

View Module Descriptions

For more information please refer to 

Career Prospects

A Master of Science in International Management equips graduates for a range of roles within global business settings, enhancing career opportunities in strategic management, corporate leadership, and international trade.

  • International Business Consultant
  • Corporate Strategy Manager
  • International Marketing Director
  • Global Supply Chain Manager
  • International Trade Compliance Officer
  • Human Resources Director
  • Economic Strategist
  • International Project Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Master in International Management

To apply for the Master of Science in International Management award by Teesside University, navigate to the “Apply Now” section on the Amity Global Institute website. 

Fill out the application forms with your details, attach any required documents, and our team will get back to you shortly regarding your application.

The intakes for the Master in International Management at Amity Global Institute in Singapore are as follows:

  • 26 Feb 2024
  • 20 May 2024
  • 19 Aug 2024
  • 7 Oct 2024

Yes, the application fee for local students is S$150, and for international students, it is S$450. This fee is non-refundable and exclusive of GST.

It is advisable to apply at least 3 months before the start of your intended intake to ensure a smooth application process. This ensures you have sufficient time for additional preparations, such as visa arrangements or finding accommodation.

If you have applied to enrol in the Master of Science International Management or any other Teesside University courses, you can check your application status by contacting our Singapore admissions office.

Phone: +65 6602 9500


Fax: +65 6602 9509

There are no differences in total payable course fees between local and international students. Both local and international students will have to pay a total course fee of S$22,000 for the Master of Science in International Management. 

However, international students will have to pay a one-time course application fee of S$450, while local students will have to pay a one-time course application fee of S$150.

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