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Our Bachelor of Arts in Business Management & Data Management Course

Our Bachelor of Arts in Business Management & Data Management Course

Teesside University

This broad-based degree gives you a comprehensive understanding of business concepts and models with specialist knowledge of data management.  Recent estimates suggest that each day companies around the world generate as much as 2.5 billion gigabytes of data. Thorough analysis of big data can provide organisations with important insights into their current and future activities.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management as well as Data Management Courses in Singapore are among the most in demand courses today. As the eCommerce industry continuously flourishes, more and more small and medium enterprises are getting established. It is not to mention that the SMEs from decades ago are now starting to become business empires. Thus, the need for graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Business Management who are more adept to technology is continuously growing. On the other hand, due to the ongoing digitalisation in the local and global market, graduates of data management courses are also in demand. Many businessmen would prefer to have already knowledgeable and work-ready people to entrust the crucial positions to. This is why taking a data management course can work to your advantage.

You study business, management, leadership and enterprise combined with specialist modules specific to the management of data when you study Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Data Management Course here at Amity Global Institute. You explore issues of data representation and data quality, information architecture and scale alongside tools and configurations available to defend network technologies. Cryptographic techniques and systems are used to analyse and compare business requirements and cloud-based systems.

These programmes are developed by the Teesside University Business School and the School of Computing, Engineering & Digital Technologies, giving you a complete business and computer science learning experience. Enrol in these courses today to gain adequate knowledge and skills you need to land a good spot in the industry after graduation. Join Amity Global Institute today!

Programme Overview

Awarding authority Teesside University, UK
Academic Year/Time Schedule/Programme Duration Duration of course is 3 years
Mode Full Time / Part Time
Teaching Amenities, Facilities etc Lecture rooms, Library, Computer lab, Student lounge


For our Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Data Management Course, we are accepting students from various educational curriculums in Singapore given that they are qualified for tertiary education. Since Amity Global Institute is gearing towards excellence in terms of education and professional skill building, we are observing higher standards for our students. We are requiring a certain score bracket for national examination results as part of our admission requirements.

Furthermore, we are practising our students to be good English speakers as the English language is a widely recognised medium of communication for the business world. We also accept mature students who did not recently graduate from Junior College or equivalent levels. Our Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Data Management Course are also open for students from other countries who wish to pursue their college education here in Singapore. Kindly read our policy guidelines below to get guided about our full admission requirements here at Amity Global Institute.


18 years old

  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ level Examination in the English medium with at least two passes in subjects at H2 level with One H1 Level pass and attempted General Paper (GP) or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI); or
  • Formal International Year 12 Education; or
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma awarded by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO); or
  • Polytechnic Diploma Holder from a local polytechnic in Singapore:  

–     You can go straight to Year 2 if you have Polytechnic Diploma with a Pass grade;

–     You can go straight to Year 3 if you have a Polytechnic Diploma in a relevant area and achieve a minimum of 2.4/4;

–     You can go straight to Year 3 if you have a Polytechnic Specialist or Advanced Diploma with a Pass grade

  • BTEC level 4 HNC in Business or related discipline; or
  • Successful completion of Amity Global Institute’s Foundation Diploma / Foundation Programme for Higher Education for entry to Year 1

For additional information on entry requirement please see our

International applicants can find out what qualifications they need by visiting


Candidates who are at least 30 years of age with at least 8 years of working experience. To qualify as a mature candidate, you are required to submit a Personal Statement of not more than 200 words and 2 Referee Reports from at least one employer.  Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.

Course Application Fee

Course Application Fee*


Local Students : S$100 (Onetime Only)
International Students : S$350 (Onetime Only)
– Course application fee is non refundable.
– Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.

Fees Breakdown

Total Payable (S$)

  Local International
Entry Year
Year 1 Entry Year 2 Entry Year 3 Entry Year 1 Entry Year 2 Entry Year 3 Entry
Tuition Fee
27000 20000 13500 27000 20000 13500
Total Course Fees Payable
27000 20000 13500 27000 20000 13500
  1. Course Fee is inclusive of Tuition Fees & Exam Fees (one time)
  2. FPS Insurance premiums are paid by Amity, unless stated in the Student Contract which has to be paid by the student separately.
  3. Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.
  4. Valid Employment Pass / Special Pass / Work Permit Holders to will pay ‘Local’ Course Fees.
  5. For Miscellaneous Fees: Click Here
  6. Click Here for more information on the Mode of Payment.

Why Choose Amity Global Institute?

Whether you are interested in taking a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management or you want to take a data management course, the first thing you need to consider is where you should take these programmes. It is true that these courses are equally in demand today. However, it is also true that the standards set by various companies for the professionals they will employ are also high. For this reason, you may want to consider taking these in demand courses in an institution that offers quality education, relevant training and hands-on experiences for the field you wish to master. This is what Amity Global Institute can offer. This is why you should choose us!

Amity Global Institute is a multi-awarded institution for programmes including Bachelor or Arts in Business Management and data management courses. Some of our notable recognitions include the NS Mark Gold Status, an award given to groups who are recognised for their support to the National Service and Total Defence; the International Business Awards for Education (2021) for successful flexible teaching approach; International Business Awards for Innovative Initiatives in Education from Singapore Business Review, and the Top in Singapore PEI from MediaOne. These achievements and recognitions are our proof of dedication towards helping young, enthusiastic individuals in reaching their dream careers through quality education.

Furthermore, we are keeping a rich and stable network of partners to give our students the best opportunities for internships. We gained and maintained the support from leading businesses to allow our students to acquire relevant skills during their off campus training. If you are thinking that college education in Amity Global Institute is overly serious or very intricate, we guarantee that there are still lots of opportunities for fun while studying for your desired career. Take our Data Management Course or Bachelor of Arts in Business Management today!

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