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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Studies explores the multifaceted world of business, exploring how businesses operate, its structures, functions, culture and other factors influencing success in the global market. This degree programme is particularly beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs, business analysts, and future business development managers. Graduates will be equipped with a sounding understanding of corporate strategies and organisational performance, poised to choose from a range of career options and professions within business.

The Bachelor degree in Business Studies will expose students to a series of progressively intricate business scenarios (case studies), with a strong emphasis on fostering a comprehensive understanding of the underlying issues. Simultaneously, they will be encouraged to uphold a strategic viewpoint, which holds paramount importance for the bachelor’s level study. The goal is to enable students to broaden their perspectives and examine deeper into the business problems they encounter.

Programme Overview

Awarding authority University of Northampton, UK
Academic Year/Time Schedule/Programme Duration Duration of course is 3 years
Mode Full Time / Part Time
Teaching Amenities, Facilities etc Lecture rooms, Library, Computer lab, Student lounge


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Programme Objective

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Studies awarded by the University of Northampton aims to equip students with a sound foundation in the principles of business and management, preparing them for management roles in today’s modern companies. By instilling an understanding of the social, ethical, technological, environmental and global contexts in which businesses operate, the degree programme lays the groundwork for graduates to be strong business leaders capable of effective strategic decision-making.

What to Expect

Students studying for the Degree in Business Studies can expect to explore these key areas:

  • Appreciating the importance and influence of the social, political, ethical, technological, environmental, legal and global contexts in which businesses operate
  • Evaluating the role of and influence of the law in influencing business organisations
  • Understanding a range of decision-making methods and supporting analytical tools
  • Critically appraising the sources, uses and management of finance
  • Understanding the principles and functions of management including managing and developing people, marketing, accounting and finance, operational and project management and the use of Information Systems
  • Understanding a range of contemporary issues such as sustainability, globalisation, corporate social responsibility, diversity, entrepreneurship and risk management that can influence an organisation’s performance.

The Bachelor degree in Business Studies is offered through a blend of online and on-campus study methods. The learning experience encompasses lectures, tutorials, seminars, presentations, and labs, ensuring students not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also apply what they’ve learned in practical settings. This comprehensive approach to learning provides students with the tools they need to succeed in various business careers upon graduation.

Course Structure & Duration

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Studies awarded by the University of Northampton consists of the following core modules:

Foundations of Marketing: Focuses on applying marketing concepts in various industries from an international perspective to enhance marketing managers’ decision-making.

Managing People: Equips students with essential skills for handling diverse workplace situations and introduces vital study skills for academic success.

Business Environment: Teaches students to identify and tackle business challenges using strategic tools and methods.

Information Management: Develops skills in managing information and data to create knowledge, with a focus on digital literacy and statistical analysis.

Business in Society: Explores the balance between profit-seeking and environmental and stakeholder considerations through case studies and theoretical materials.

Introductory Accounting and Finance: Provides strategic insights into accounting and financial concepts for business leaders, emphasizing critical analysis of financial information.

Project Management: Planning and Control: Addresses social responsibility in business and its growing importance in corporate behavior and performance.

Managing Human Resources: Outlines the functions of HR in modern organizations, detailing the skills and techniques used in human resource management.

Operations Management: Offers strategic knowledge in operations and supply chain management and project management for business leaders.

Brand Management: Promotes understanding of branding and strategic brand management, providing tools for complex brand-related decision-making.

Strategic Business Analysis: Discusses various strategic views and approaches organizations may adopt for strategic planning.

Managing Finance and Financial Decisions: Explores financial and management accounting for corporate financial management and decision-making.

Dissertations: Allows for a substantial literature review and research on a chosen topic, varying based on the empirical data gathered or conceptual study focus.

Global Business Development: Enhances understanding of globalisation and strategic international business responses to global environmental changes.

Debate in Strategic Management: Builds on strategic business analysis to explore strategic management debates in depth, emphasising student-centered learning.

Social Responsibility of Business: Examines the broad spectrum of social responsibility issues in business, highlighting their impact on corporate performance.

Opportunity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Highlights the importance of innovation in creating and exploiting new business opportunities for competitive advantage.

Students can opt for full or part-time study to pursue their degree in business studies.

Type of Study Duration
Full-time/Part-time 3 years

Regardless if you opt for a full-time or part-time programme, all students receive the same comprehensive coverage of modules, access to lectures, and tutorial materials, ensuring that every graduate is equally prepared for the demands of a career in business.

Admission Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria Requirements
Age Requirements 18 years old
Academic Requirements

Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ level Examination in the English medium and must have obtained all of the following:

At least two passes in subjects at H2 level with One H1 Level pass and attempted General Paper (GP) or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI);


Formal International Year 12 Education;


International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma awarded by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO);


Polytechnic Diploma Holder in any field of study from a local polytechnic in Singapore;


BTEC level 4 HNC in any field of study;


Diploma or Advanced Diploma from private education institutions of Singapore with the Minimum Entry Requirements of at least O Levels / NITEC / Higher NITEC.

English Requirements Certificate in English: Intermediate/EAP04 Advanced English for Academic Learning I with a score of 60 or above (equal to IELTS 6.0).
Mature Applicants

Candidates who are at least 30 years of age with at least 8 years of working experience (after graduation from Junior College) as at 1st July of the admission year may apply for admission as Mature Applicants.

To qualify as a mature applicant, you are required to submit a Personal Statement of not more than 200 words and 2 Referee Reports from at least one employer. Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview.

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) – Entry to Year 2 Onwards

Polytechnic Diploma Holder in the relevant of study from a local polytechnic in Singapore;

Diploma or Advanced Diploma from private education institutions of Singapore with prior entry requirements as GCE ‘A’ level Examination or Equivalent in the Diploma Level;

The transcript from your diploma course must demonstrate that you have read and passed the equivalents of essential University of Northampton modules. APL is approved by the university.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies Course Fees & Curriculum Structure

Fees Breakdown Total Payable
  Local International
Entry Year Year 1 Entry Year 2 Entry Year 3 Entry Year 1 Entry Year 2 Entry Year 3 Entry
Tuition Fee S$27,000 S$18,000 S$14,500 S$27,000 S$18,000 S$14,500
Total Course Fees Payable S$27,000 S$18,000 S$14,500 S$27,000 S$18,000 S$14,500
  1. Course Fee is inclusive of Tuition Fees and Exam Fees (one time)
  2. FPS Insurance premiums are paid by Amity, unless stated in the Student Contract which has to be paid by the student separately.
  3. Fees indicated are exclusive of GST.
  4. Fees indicated are exclusive of Non-Tuition Fee of S$ 1580.
  5. For Miscellaneous Fees: Click Here
  6. Click Here for more information on the Mode of Payment.

    Assessment Regulations: UMF (University Modular Framework) regulations apply.

    For more information please refer to

    Level/Year 1

    Foundation of Marketing (20 Credit)

    Managing People (20 Credit)

    Business Environment (20 Credit)

    Information Management (20 Credit)

    Business in Society (20 Credit)

    Introductory Accounting and Finance (20 Credit)

    Level/Year 2

    Project Management: Planning and Control (20 Credit)

    Managing Human Resources (20 Credit)

    Operations Management 1(20 Credit)

    Brand Management (20 Credit)

    Strategic Business Analysis (20 Credit)

    Managing Finance and Financial Decisions (20 Credit)

    Level/Year 3

    DISSERTATION (40 Credit)

    Students Choose One From The Following:

    • Business Dissertation
    • Human Resource Management Dissertation

    Global Business Development (20 Credit)

    Debates in Strategic Management (20 Credit)

    Social Responsibility of Business (20 Credit)

    Opportunity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (20 Credit)

    View Module Descriptions

    Assessment Regulations: UMF (University Modular Framework) regulations apply.
    For more information please refer to

    Career Prospects

    Earning a degree in business studies positions graduates for a variety of roles in marketing, sales, human resources, and more, reflecting the broad applicability and demand for business acumen across industries. 

    • Project Coordinator
    • Operations Coordinator
    • Business Development Associate
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Marketing Executive
    • Human Resource Executive
    • Sales Associate
    • Administrative Executive

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    Frequently Asked Questions About the Bachelor degree in Business Studies

    To apply for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Studies awarded by the University of Northampton, navigate to the “Apply Now” section on our website. 

    Fill out the application forms with your details, attach any required documents, and our team will get back to you shortly regarding your application.

    The intake periods for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies programme are scheduled for March and September 2024. We encourage checking the course page regularly for any updates or additional intake periods.

    Yes, the application fee for local students is S$150, and for international students, it is S$450. This fee is non-refundable and exclusive of GST.

    It is advisable to apply at least 3 months before the start of your desired intake period to ensure a smooth application process, including time for any necessary visa arrangements and accommodation planning.

    You can check your application status by contacting our Singapore admissions office.

    Phone: +65 6602 9500


    Fax: +65 6602 9509

    There are no differences in total payable course fees between local and international students. Both local and international students will have to pay a total course fee of S$27,000 for year 1 entry into the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Studies programme.

    However, international students will have to pay a one-time course application fee of S$450, while local students will have to pay a one-time course application fee of S$150.

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