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Part-time vs Full-time Studies — Pros and Cons

Part-time vs Full-time Studies — Pros and Cons

26 Oct 2022

Two students attend AMITY Global Institute Singapore for their part time MBA

Traditionally, our tertiary academic paths are a full-time journey, and when we’ve completed our studies, we immerse ourselves in full-time work as we transition into adulthood and the working world. However, this isn’t necessarily the case today, as part-time studies, even as early as part-time diploma courses in Singapore, are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst young adults who wish to get a head start in gaining work experience whilst managing their studies at a reasonable pace. If you find yourself standing at that very crossroads, deliberating between full-time and part-time studies, here are the pros and cons between the two so you can make a more informed decision on what works best for you.

Commitment Level

Older part time student taking up his part-time Masters at AMITY Global Institute

Full-time studies suit the working-class family narrative well, in that parents are able to provide for their children, allowing them to focus on their studies without much to worry about outside school, except to complete their studies as quickly as possible so they can finally start working. Conversely, when we hear about folks taking up part-time degree courses in Singapore for instance, it’s more often than not due to family and work commitments — perhaps they’re already raising a family back home and have to work to make ends meet. Part-time studies allow for a more flexible schedule so students can juggle multiple commitments without overworking themselves. It still is challenging to balance work and studies at the same time, and part-time studies will stretch your graduation a little longer. It’s also worth noting that part-time programmes are no less accredited than their full-time counterparts as some would believe. In fact, programmes like a part-time MBA in Singapore are designed to help students achieve their dreams without having to give up their commitments.

Financial Support

Scholarship for part time MBA, Master, diploma and degrees are offered at AMITY Global Institute

Both full-time and part-time studies allow for opportunities to receive financial support from various sources. For instance, full-time students are eligible for a wider range of aid, such as scholarships and grants from the institution itself or even from the government. On the other hand, part-time students mostly receive financial support from their employers, and while the latter used to be fairly limited, more organisations are encouraging their employees to upgrade themselves through part-time degree or part-time diploma programmes in Singapore so they can eventually contribute even more to the organisation. The Singapore government has also increased their financial support for anyone wishing to pursue further studies during their careers, so the number of avenues to receive financial aid as a part-time student has improved significantly today.

Workplace Application

Singaporean students gather around to work on their part time degree course thesis

As a full-time student, you’ll probably have a more immersive experience in school as that is your only focus during your academic journey. While being rich in academic knowledge is all well and good, you’re more often than not, only able to witness and apply the skills you’ve learnt in school after you graduate. Part-time students, however, will be able to observe in real-time, how the things they’ve learnt in school can be applied to their workplaces. This is particularly helpful when you’re taking a part-time master degree in Singapore and preparing yourself for a managerial role in future — being able to tweak the managerial skills you’ve picked up in your programme to suit the dynamics of your workplace will go a long way in helping you nurture an efficient and healthy working environment.

Regardless of your preference, Amity Singapore offers a wide range of highly accredited full-time and part-time programmes to help you achieve your academic goals and build a better future for yourself and those around you. For more information about our programmes and services, please visit our website.

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