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Teesside University

Teesside University

Located in Middlesbrough in the northeast of England, Teesside University is founded on a rich heritage, which has influenced its development into the dynamic, energetic and innovative institution it is today. Teesside University has a strong track record of innovation in teaching and learning, preparing our students to convert their degree into the career they’re looking for.

The University has grown significantly in recent years, with five regional offices in China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Nigeria. We recruit staff from all over the world, providing an international learning experience for our students. We have over 100,000 active alumni in over 100 countries, including Singapore – you will leave Teesside University with a global network of friends and contacts.

We focus on helping you develop the knowledge and skills which will enhance your career potential. We are delighted to partner with Amity Global Institute to offer courses in business management, accounting, finance, tourism, and data science in Singapore. The University is here to welcome you, support you and advise you, helping you to have a happy and productive experience in your life as a student and prepare you for your future career.

Rankings & Accolades


    Courses Offered
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Business
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Finance and Accounting (Top-up)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Tourism Management (Top-up)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Business with Marketing (Top-up)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Business with Human Resource Management (Top-up)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) International Business Management (Top-up)
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business and Cybersecurity
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting and Finance
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business with Marketing

    Master of Arts in Education
    Master of Business Administration
    Master of Science International Management
    Master of Science Artificial Intelligence
    Master of Science Artificial Intelligence with Data Analytics
    Master of Science Data Science
    Master of Science Accounting and Finance
    Master of Science Digital Marketing

    Doctor of Education

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Teesside university is officially recognised as a UK higher education institution.

    It’s one of the top schools for international students and has received many good reviews from students.

    Absolutely. It is a well-respected school in the UK.

    There are over 29,000 students currently enrolled at Teesside.

    Teesside is an area famous for its historical buildings and structures. You’ll have a lot of sights to discover in this area!

    Yes. It’s especially good for international students as it’s one of the top 5 schools of choice for them.

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