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How You Can Identify Career Preferences Early

How You Can Identify Career Preferences Early

21 Sep 2022

How You Can Identify Career Preferences Early

There are many career paths in life, and finding the right one can be difficult, often taking you on detours before you eventually feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be. While some are fortunate enough to experience strong life callings that nudge them along a clearly indicated path, all the way through getting a bachelor degree in Singapore, others strain to hear barely audible whispers. If you find yourself struggling to figure out your place in life and in the world, here are some ways you can identify your career preferences. 

Identifying Your General Interests

Online bachelor degree Singapore Identifying Your General Interests

Everyone has things they enjoy doing, along with clear interests in life. This is why a good starting point for figuring your career out would be to identify your general interests and see how they can relate to potential career paths. 

For instance, if you have a favourite subject in school, think about what piqued your interest in particular and drew you to that subject in the first place. You may also reflect on the subjects in general that you enjoy reading about in your free time, whether it’s politics, the environment, or technology. Once you’re able to form a clearer picture about your interests, it could be easier to connect the dots from interest to career. If you’re still trying to figure out what diploma in Singapore to enrol in, this could be a good indicator on what you should be pursuing.

Identifying Your Talents

Online bachelor degree Singapore Identifying Your Talents

Knowing what you’re naturally gifted at is also a great way to identify your career path. After all, everyone possesses different skill sets that should be utilised accordingly to impact the world in their own ways, and everyone wants to excel at their work using the talents they have. By doing so, you’ll naturally feel more accomplished, engaged, and proud of your work.

Therefore, take the time to identify your skills and strengths, and how they can be maximised in different careers. For instance, if you’re a skilled writer, you could consider a career in marketing, media, or even journalism. This information can also help shape your higher education as you consider an advanced diploma in Singapore or more.

Talk to a Career Counsellor

Online bachelor degree Singapore Talk to a Career Counsellor

When it comes to picking out the right career, it’s okay to not have everything figured out. More often than not, folks only realise they’re in the wrong career after they’ve entered their respective industries. As a result, they experience some sort of a mid-life crisis where they’re taking up an online bachelor degree in Singapore after working hours just to start a new journey in life. 

While detours aren’t necessarily bad, it would be best to avoid going through school only to find out that you were in the wrong programme, wasting precious time and money because of it. Talking to a career counsellor is especially useful when you’re unable to find a clear direction on your own. These counsellors are trained to help you pinpoint your goals, interests, values, and preferences. This process is done through a variety of assessments designed to help you choose a career that is right for you. 

Here at Amity Global Institute, we provide students with professional and empathetic career counselling services so they can pick the right programmes and ultimately, the right career. For more information about out student services and other programmes, please visit our website.

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