How to Prepare Yourself to Embrace the Digital Industry
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How To Prepare Yourself To Embrace The Digital Industry

How To Prepare Yourself To Embrace The Digital Industry

01 Sep 2021

IT Student for Software Developing

With the advent of the digital industry, tech skills are highly sought after and in demand. Graduates armed with these skills can pull ahead of their competition and enjoy a more fulfilling career. Learn more about the digital industry and how IT courses in Singapore prepare you with the technical skills and knowledge to embrace this frontier.

IT Student for Software Developing

What is the digital industry?

The digital industry goes in conjunction with digital transformation, which refers to the integration of digital technology across every facet of business and transforming of both business models as well as product offerings. This can range from streamlining workflow processes and reducing unnecessary printing costs, or focusing on emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data analytics, as well as AI and machine learning; many of which are covered by IT courses in Singapore.

Digital transformation helps to empower diverse industries. For example, it can help to streamline logistics and supply chains through extensive automation and tracking of shipments and inventory; as well as facilitate online retail via e-commerce platforms that provide real-time stock updates and invaluable data on customers’ shopping preferences. The COVID-19 pandemic has also further accelerated the rate of adoption of digital technologies, as companies pivot to remote working and managing employees who are working from home while collaborating with their clients across the globe. It is no surprise then that IT skills are highly in demand, with students enjoying strong employability upon graduating from a variety of IT courses in Singapore

IT courses in Singapore prepare students for numerous career paths in the digital industry. They encompass technical roles, such as web/app/software development, UX design, and QA analysis; business roles such as business development, data analytics, and digital marketing; and creative roles such as content creation, copywriting, and graphic and web design. Students are empowered to choose the fields that align best with their strengths and passions, allowing them to thrive in their careers.

How do I benefit from IT courses in Singapore?

The digital industry is an exciting frontier with many new opportunities, where novel problems are constantly surfacing and requiring innovative solutions to overcome them. Reputable institutes in Singapore, such as Amity Global, offer a wide range of courses at different educational levels. They range from diplomas and foundation courses to bachelor degrees as well as masters in Information Technology. There are also options for students to choose business-focused or technical-focused courses, allowing them to decide which skill sets are best suited to their individual preferences.

Students who enroll in IT courses in Singapore can expect to learn a wide range of skills based on their chosen path. For example, students enrolled in Data Science will focus on machine learning, data visualisation, and interactive visualisation; while those in Web and Mobile Development will lean towards graphics and animation along with advanced web/mobile development. In addition to technical skills, students will also hone a rigorous problem-solving mindset as well as strong organisational and communication skills, as they work alongside other specialists to achieve desired outcomes.

Amity’s Masters of Science in Data Science is a yearlong program that is part of our Masters in Information Technology, with the option for either full or part-time studies. Students will learn topics pertaining to emerging technologies, such as visualising data, big data and business intelligence, machine learning, as well as statistical and research methods. It culminates in a computing masters project which requires students to thoroughly research and investigate a specific computing discipline with a major deliverable, often related to their future career path.

Eager to embrace the world of IT? Visit our website to see the various IT courses in Singapore that we have to offer.

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