How Logistics and Supply Chain Management move Industries
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How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Move Industries

How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Move Industries

17 Sep 2021

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Logistics and supply chain management is essential in keeping the world moving, be it raw materials, high-end consumer products, or information flows. Read on to learn more about the importance of logistics and supply chain management, and how logistics courses in Singapore equip you to tackle key industry challenges and enjoy a meaningful career.

How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Move Industries

What is logistics and supply chain management?

Logistics and supply chain management are closely linked and intrinsic to one another. Logistics is a subset of supply chain management, and is concerned with the efficient storage, movement, and flow of goods, services, and information. It can be separated into both inbound and outbound logistics; with inbound logistics handling the obtaining, storage, and transport of materials and outbound logistics handling the collection, maintenance and distribution to customers. Logistics also covers activities such as packing and fulfilling orders, managing stock inventory, as well as balancing out supply and demand; and logistics courses in Singapore are key to teaching the essential skills to thrive in this field.

Supply chain management is concerned with the overall coordination and movement of supply chains, which are networks between companies and suppliers where goods and information flow to facilitate the production and distribution of products to final buyers. Supply chains are essential with our global economy, allowing big box and ecommerce platforms to be able to deliver goods in a timely fashion to customers locally and across the globe. Supply chain management seeks to prevent delays through efficient troubleshooting, improving production cycles, and reducing production costs. As a complex and constantly changing field, courses such as a Masters in supply chain management are important for students to thoroughly grasp current and emerging challenges and value-add to their companies.

Logistics and supply chain management have similarly aligned but differing goals. Logistics aims to meet customer requirements, while supply chain management seeks to provide a competitive advantage for the organisation. Logistics and supply chain management courses in Singapore equip students with the conceptual and technical expertise to overcome the challenges in this industry and help to streamline the flow and lower costs for their organisations, while managing the various stakeholders involved in the process. Logistics and supply chain management is always in demand, ensuring that students will be able to find a secure yet fulfilling career.

How does a logistics course benefit me?

Logistics courses in Singapore offered by Amity Global Institute include diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, as well as masters degrees. Students enrolled in these courses will be introduced to the fundamentals of logistics and supply chain management, as well as learn how to manage people, organisations, and operations effectively while also being exposed to core processes and analytics to do so. 

Amity Global Institute’s Masters in Supply Chain Management equips students with key skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of international business and utilising novel technologies and innovations to overcome them. Throughout the 1 year long programme, students will cover concepts such as global purchasing and supply management, accounting for decision makers, as well as strategy for delivering value; along with optional modules such as business forecasting and data analytics as well as supply chain finance and risk management.

Looking to enroll in a logistics course in Singapore? Visit our website to learn more about our courses and offerings.

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