How Finance and Business Skills Help You Succeed
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How Financial And Business Skills Help You To Succeed

How Financial And Business Skills Help You To Succeed

17 Jun 2021

Business Management Students at Amity Singapore

Business Management Students at Amity Singapore

Many students have the perception that business management courses in Singapore are broad in focus and therefore less specialised, compared to degrees such as computer science and engineering that teach ‘hard’ skills for job-specific duties. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Learn how business management courses instill financial and business skills for success, and how Amity Global’s partnership with Teesside University helps Singaporean students do so.

Business Management Course for Students

How do financial and business skills benefit me?

Much more than just preparing students in Singapore for managerial positions in a corporate environment, business management courses provide a firm foundation of finance and business skills that are highly versatile for one’s career and beyond. As part of their curriculum, business courses teach a combination of technical skills such as accounting and finance, data analysis, as well as project management and planning. In addition, they also provide opportunities through constant projects and presentations to train soft skills such as effective communication, leadership, and conflict resolution.

Business management courses also encompass numerous specialised subfields, requiring students to choose one of these career paths for their degree. Some of these fields include Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Human Resource Management (HRM), and International Business, amongst others. These skills value-add to one’s skill set and positions them for effective growth, be it creating successful marketing campaigns for a new product, effectively motivating employees and improving productivity, or managing diverse ventures and holdings across multiple continents.

Business management courses also expose students to diverse industries where these skills can be utilised in, ranging from fintech to engineering. They allow easy pivoting between these industries and their respective job scopes, should students desire a fresh change of pace, growing one’s own skill set, or positioning for the next emerging market trend. These skills also prepare students to become effective entrepreneurs, allowing them to unify their creative vision with the concrete skillsets of management and business operation to improve their chance of success in the long run.

Beyond career plans, business degrees feature enhanced applicability compared to other degrees. Proper communication, effective collaboration, and critical thinking serve in everyday life beyond work, helping you build friendships and network easily and professionally, as well as plan out key financial areas in life such as budgeting and managing investments.

What can I expect from learning with Teesside University?

Amity Global has partnered with Teesside University to provide quality courses to students in Singapore. Located in Middlesbrough in England, Teesside University was founded in 1930 and has over 18,000 students on campus, along with an established global network of partnerships across over 100 countries. It has been listed in multiple university guides, and is dedicated to transforming lives and economies through the economic, social, and cultural success of students, partners, and communities.

Teesside University also collaborates with innovative businesses, providing knowledge, insight, and networks to facilitate business competitiveness and growth. This places them in a perfect position to tap into the latest emerging trends and equip their students to excel. One of the most popular business management courses offered by Teesside University for students in Singapore is their Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Business.

Singapore students enrolling in Teesside University’s International Business Bachelor’s degree will undergo a 3-year programme with the option for either full or part-time study. Students will be equipped with a solid foundation of business in a global context, culminating in a dissertation that applies what students have learnt into a self-guided project, providing relevant experience towards one’s chosen specialisation and industry.

Looking to enroll in a business management course in Singapore? Visit our website and take the step towards a thriving career today.

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