Am I Suitable for a Computer Science Career?
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How Do I Know If I Am Suited For A Computer Science Career?

How Do I Know If I Am Suited For A Computer Science Career?

06 Jul 2021

Amity Computer Science Students

In our increasingly technological world, virtually all industries rely on both data and software to function, ranging from banking to healthcare and communications. All this is due to the work of computer scientists, who constantly innovate new technologies to make the world a better place. Learn more about what computer science comprises, as well as the skills needed to thrive in a degree in Computer Science in Singapore.

Amity Computer Science Students

What is Computer Science?

Computer science refers to the study of computers, computational systems, and algorithmic processes, as well as their applications and how they interconnect with other elements. Computer scientists are well versed in the design and development of software systems, and many of them eventually specialise in areas such as artificial intelligence, database systems and security, computer-human interfaces, programming languages, game design, and web and software design and development, amongst many other fields.

Many people assume that programming for web and software forms the bulk of what computer science students learn when studying a degree in computer science. While it is true that students need to be familiar with various coding languages, computer science also encompasses elements such as the theory of computing, web analytics, networks, as well as understanding emerging technological trends and how to apply them, such as cloud computing and blockchain technology in finance and security.

Upon graduation, computer science bachelor degree holders are able to enter a wide range of fulfilling and rewarding jobs with above average salary as well as good career growth. Many government bodies and private businesses require their own in-house IT specialists, ensuring constant demand for their skills and enhancing job security. Some of the roles they do include software and web development, systems engineering and quality assurance testing. Computer scientists are also present in diverse fields, ranging from banking to agriculture and transport, helping create practical IT solutions to improve customers’ overall experience, reduce business inefficiency and costs, as well as safeguarding both users’ data and proprietary information of businesses.

Am I Suited For Computer Science?

Amity Global offers various bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, collaborating with established universities such as the University of Northampton and the University of London. A bachelor’s degree is a 3 year long programme with the option for both part-time and full-time studies, and students will cover numerous disciplines such as fundamentals of computer science and programming, software design and development, as well as databases and networks. 

Students are also allowed to choose 6 optional modules in their 3rd year of study to better equip them for their future career specialisation. These modules cover emerging fields such as machine learning and neural networks, virtual reality, 3D graphics and animation, and mobile development, amongst many others. It caps off with a final project for students to demonstrate their accumulated skills across their education. While challenging, computer science degrees are highly fulfilling, providing students with the skill sets to succeed across numerous industries, as well as building up their resilience and ability to work under pressure.

To thrive in computer science, students should possess excellent mathematical skills and be able to rapidly pick up the technical expertise that computer knowledge and programming requires. In addition, they will also need robust conceptual, analytical, and problem solving mindsets, due to constantly encountering novel problems which require innovative and practical solutions. Finally, students must also have the ability to learn quickly and constantly adapt to new developments in the industry, as well as be able to work alongside a team of experts such as programmers and engineers to derive effective solutions in their future careers.

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