How to Decide if a MBA Degree Is Right For You
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How Do I Know If A MBA Degree Is The Right Choice For Me?

How Do I Know If A MBA Degree Is The Right Choice For Me?

29 Sep 2021

how do i know if a mba degree is the right choice for me

Traditionally, studying an MBA in Singapore has been the masters’ degree of choice for numerous professionals across diverse industries. However, with the global economy constantly changing and requiring new skills, people may wonder if an MBA is still optimal for them. Here are some considerations to guide your decision.

How Do I Know If A MBA Degree Is The Right Choice For Me

Consider the skills an MBA gives you.

As part of their curriculum, MBAs in Singapore cover a broad spectrum of business-related topics; such as accounting, statistics, economics, communications, management, and entrepreneurship. It also teaches soft skills such as leadership and interpersonal skills, which are invaluable for leading a team effectively. Prospective students who see themselves climbing up corporate ladders or being industry leaders will benefit immensely from the rigour and perspectives that an MBA provides.

Beyond preparing students for management roles, MBAs in Singapore also provide useful hands-on skills for those who seek to start their own businesses and startups, increasing the chances of success in the competitive business world. In addition, studying an MBA allows you to network with other budding professionals across diverse industries beyond one’s own, forging invaluable connections for future collaborations and business opportunities.

Consider your future career plans.

While an MBA in Singapore provides graduates with both a recognised certification as well as a solid understanding of many areas of business, how useful it is depends on your individual career plans for the future. For example, promotion to certain roles can only occur when holding an advanced degree such as an MBA, while other senior roles may require specific skills that are only learnt on the job, such as for engineering or professional degrees such as medicine.

For business fields such as accountancy, undergraduates may prefer to specialise in some of the established accounting certifications in Singapore, such as the ACCA, CPA, and ACA, amongst others. There is also some degree of overlap in content between MBAs in Singapore and undergraduate business degrees, and consequently business undergraduates may prefer to focus on other forms of certifications or training that require less time and commitment.

Consider your individual circumstances.

Your individual career and circumstances affect whether you can study an MBA effectively. Many MBA students in Singapore learn part-time while also juggling with their day jobs, which alleviates their workload and allows them to still enjoy personal growth, leisure, and avoid burnout. However, this comes with an extended duration to complete the MBA, averaging 3 to 4 years as compared to 2 years for a full-time MBA.

Another consideration is the tuition fees needed for an MBA. While this may not be as significant an issue for students enrolled in a part-time MBA in Singapore who are often already working, full-time students will want to ensure that they can handle the additional financial costs. Finally, enrolling in an MBA generally requires a few years of work experience in a managerial role or a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and prospective students should plan out their own career path accordingly.

Consider your readiness to learn.

Many undergraduate students have the misconception that studying and learning ends when they graduate from university, and consequently find themselves caught off guard with the sheer amount of learning they have to do in their careers. Studying for an MBA in Singapore is a demanding affair which requires consistent time, effort, and discipline, having to juggle work responsibilities and skill growth in addition to coursework and exams.

That said, many MBA graduates in Singapore agree that despite the amount of effort they had to put in, the benefits they reaped have been invaluable for their careers and personal growth. Amity Global partners with established universities across the globe, providing relevant and quality education for students. Students can also tap into comprehensive access to libraries and online databases, experienced faculty members, as well as events for them to get additional exposure to leading industrial figures.

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