How Digital Marketing Helps Business Gain An Edge
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How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Gain An Edge

How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Gain An Edge

25 Nov 2021

how digital marketing helps businesses gain an edge

Digital marketing is swiftly becoming one of the most ubiquitous forms of marketing in daily life. Learn about the various ways that digital marketing benefits businesses, as well as how you can enjoy a thriving career in this industry through Amity Global’s Masters in Digital Marketing.

How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Gain An Edge

How does digital marketing benefit businesses?

Digital marketing is defined as the usage of the Internet to reach consumers, as compared to traditional marketing which utilises other mediums to do so. Common mediums include social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, search engines such as Google, as well as smartphone apps. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting life across the globe, digital marketing has exploded in popularity due to its various advantages. 

Firstly, digital marketing offers affordable rates for businesses while allowing them to advertise to a significantly larger audience, both locally and internationally. Compared to traditional marketing which is more expensive and limited by location, digital marketing offers greater returns on investment, making it the perfect choice for SMEs in Singapore with a limited budget. Digital marketing can also be tailored to specific demographics through keyword research and tools such as Google Analytics, creating content and ads that have greater impact for improved awareness and revenue.

Secondly, digital marketing can be easily tracked. Traditional marketing struggles with reflecting the precise return on investment (ROI) for marketing, making adjustments to ongoing marketing campaigns uncertain and slow. In comparison, digital marketing uses numerous tools that provide a wealth of data about consumers’ behaviour, ranging from organic traffic, engagement rates, clickthrough rate, and keyword ranking. This allows fine-tuning of a business’ marketing strategy for optimal outcomes.

Lastly, digital marketing allows businesses to enjoy greater engagement with their customers in Singapore and abroad. Digital marketing allows businesses to stay relevant and secure customers’ loyalty through providing key content and information they need. This ranges from interactive social media posts and contests, informative blog articles to guide purchases, or tailor-made product recommendations to their emails. Over time, businesses build up a credible reputation, holding customers’ attention and increasing the likelihood of sales.

How do I learn essential digital marketing skills?

Enrolling in a bachelor’s or master’s programme in Digital Marketing is a superior option for equipping students with both soft and hard skills to thrive in this constantly changing industry. Some of these skills include being adept with various SEO and data analysis tools, content creation, basic design skills, as well as understanding the fundamentals of SEO/SEM/CRM, amongst others. Students will also learn overarching trends in the industry, allowing them to eventually step into management roles to oversee teams and campaigns.

Amity Global’s Masters in Digital Marketing is a year-long programme with the option for part-time or full-time studies for students in Singapore. It is in collaboration with Teesside University, a dynamic and innovative university dedicated to transforming lives and economies. Through this programme, students will be equipped with the skills to thrive in various digital marketing roles, ranging from social media, business marketing strategy, communications, as well as content creation and management. 

Topics that are covered include Digital Communications, Digital Innovation and Change Management, Digital Optimisation, Analytics and Metrics, as well as Strategic Digital Marketing. The programme culminates in a Professional Marketing Project, where students will be required to utilise the skills and knowledge they have learnt in an application-based project.

Step boldly into an exciting career with Amity Global’s Masters in Digital Marketing. Visit our website to learn more about our other offered courses in Singapore, as well as partnerships with Teesside University and other acclaimed international universities.

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