How A Law Degree is a Solid Foundation for your Future
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How A Law Degree Is A Solid Foundation For Your Future

How A Law Degree Is A Solid Foundation For Your Future

15 Jul 2021

Lawyer in Singapore

As one of the most highly respected and professional careers across the globe, studying law is a demanding affair with a wide range of potential roles that one can step into upon graduation. Learn more about the benefits of studying law and how you can tap into law courses in Singapore to build up the foundations for your future.

Lawyer in Singapore

What are the benefits of studying law?

Contrary to popular belief, law is not merely a static list of rules and regulations to follow, but constantly adapting and changing in response to changes in society and business. Studying law courses trains Singaporean students in critical thinking, reasoning, and analytical skills, as students are constantly exposed to novel scenarios and learning the most effective ways to support the side that they are representing. Along with good communication skills and confidence built up over their years of study, law graduates are in a good position to pursue further or combined studies should they choose, particularly in areas such as business and accounting as well as various humanistic disciplines. 

One of the most well-established paths is taking the renowned Singapore Bar exams upon meeting various requirements, such as satisfactorily serving the practicing training period for a certain period of time. Passing the bar exam allows graduates to be either solicitors who handle advisory, corporate, and conveyancy work; as well as barristers who primarily handle litigation work. It also confers a professional qualification to lawyers, and opens the door to more opportunities to represent more prolific clients and establishments.

There are many domains for lawyers to specialise in, such as Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Commercial Law, and Securities Law, amongst others. Law courses in Singapore introduce students to these domains, giving them an overview of what to expect and eventually help them to train with established law firms often as part of their curriculum via an internship/traineeship program. 

As an established and professional career, law graduates generally earn a higher salary than their peers as well as enjoy greater promotion opportunities and job security. Above all, law is an intellectually challenging and rewarding field that allows graduates to live a meaningful life. Be it championing the causes of innocents and fighting against injustice, or simply applying law into personal and professional settings such as legally reducing one’s taxes or helping loved ones navigate divorces and lawsuits, law is certainly versatile and stimulating.

What does a law course cover?

Amity Global is proud to partner with the University of Northampton to provide a wealth of courses for students in Singapore, ranging from law to business administration and computing. While a fairly recent university established in the UK, the University of Northampton has already made a reputation for itself with a focus on social impact and transforming the lives of students and those around them.

A Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in Singapore is a 3 year long course that has the option for either full or part-time study. Students will cover many domains of law, such as criminal, public, consumer, and employment law; as well as have numerous hands-on experiences to put their critical thinking and presentation skills to the test. In their final year, students will complete a dissertation involving extensive research into a chosen legal field of interest, usually related to their future career plans upon graduation.

Amity Global also offers a Master of Law in International Commercial Law, in conjunction with the University of Northampton. This is a 1 year long course with both full and part-time studying options, and is suitable for students already possessing bachelors’ degrees with honours. The course is designed to focus on international law, along with intellectual property rights and crime before culminating in a dissertation.

Seeking to enroll in law courses in Singapore? Visit our website to find out more.




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