Health Talk at Kidney Discovery Tour
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Health Talk at Kidney Discovery Tour

Health Talk at Kidney Discovery Tour

15 Nov 2018

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Amity Global Institute recently organized a health talk to bring our students to the National Kidney Foundation, NKF. Some of the key points mentioned in the talk consist of  the anatomy of a kidney, causes of kidney failure and other types of common kidney related disaeases.

Students also get to go on a kidney discovery tour where there will be theory knowledge and games to teach them more about kidney protection.

The objective of the educational tour is to enable students to learn

  1. how to protect the kidneys through food restriction and healthy eating habit
  2. discover how kidneys work and how they can be treated

There is also a virtual tour where students get to explore the calories of their favourite meals. It was indeed an eye opening trip for the students as they learn the most important lesson in life which is : Heath is the best wealth

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