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Special Education Needs

Special Education Needs

Policy for Support of Students with Special Educational Needs

Guidelines to Cater Students with Special Needs & Disabilities Amity offers students with intellectual & cognitive approach to meet their educational requirements. The general understanding of students who have special educational needs is that they come across barriers related to learning in their respective course. Their difficulties can be visualized in terms of language barriers or mathematics or can come from a physical impairment that affects their movement, sight, or hearing, or from a complex combination of several disabilities. Amity provide alternative teaching methods, suitable materials, properly adapted equipments, or personalized tutorial support. However, this approach tends to focus on the difficulties of the student & help them to utilize his/her potential to deliver their best.In Amity, we believe that main challenge is to overcome the barriers, which students with special needs are going through.Amity endeavors to provide an environment to cater the needs of students with special needs & disability. Where the problems related to them are being visualized & solved by an appropriate member of staff as soon as possible.Educators are being provided specially to the students with special needs & disability which help them to identify & explain his or her own functional classroom limitations, such as difficulty with written examination, or oral presentations or they need to accommodate their side effects of their medications such as thirst, irritation, being aggressive, etc.Our lecturers follow the multi-modal approach to deal with students with visual, auditory, kinesthetic or other needs for optimum success. These faculties are trained to handle students with special educational needs.

Faculty Training Program: Student with Special Educational Needs

Amity provides special training to its lecturers and staff members to take care of students with special educational needs or disabilities. It is the top most concern of the Amity to improve the access, retention, and success rates of college students with different ability.

Lecturers will be provided with different kind of trainings including:

Awareness about Disability related topics through Presentations

Faculty members will be briefed about important aspects that must be taken care while working with students with special needs. Some of the important topics for presentation are “Need and Importance of Employing Technology”, “Planning and strategy for dealing Student with Special Needs”, “Structure the students in teams to encourage for success” etc.

Strategy to be used for helping students with Visual Disabilities

Faculties converse with the student regarding impact of vision loss so that they can take care of each student on the basis severe effect of vision loss. They provide assignments/teaching material in electronic format. They prefer to utilize modern technology such as tactile models and timers while their teaching session. Usage of auditory warning signals, Braille signage, Optical Character Recognition and speech output is also there.

Applying learning styles strategies for students with Auditory Disability

Faculties communicate with the student using assistive learning devices and take action on case to case basis. They use Sign language and visual aids while teaching them and repeat when required.

Strategy to be used to deal with the students with Learning Disability/Special Educational Needs

Faculty uses multi-sensory technique in class rooms so that they could help students in learning process. They prefer to use textbooks that have electronictexts available if required. Students with reading disability are provided with the learning material in the form they are comfortable with. They are provided a relaxation in examination and attendance related issues

Strategy to be used to handle students with Mobility Disabilities

For the students suffering from mobility disability special mobility assistance is provided in which the resources which are provided to student includes lifts, wheelchair, power chair, crutches, special washrooms and special pathway i.e., ramps are built for their assistance.

Strategy to be used to handle students with Chronic Health Disabilities

To help such student they are provided options for make-up work, independent work, attendance considerations is there by the concerned department and faculties. They are provided relaxation on the attendance issues on the case to case basis, subject to the regulatory frameworks including Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore.

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