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Students Support Services

Students Support Services

The school provides a variety of student support services to meet the needs of the students studying in Singapore. These include:


Flight Arrangements

  • Student makes flight arrangements to Singapore upon receiving the Conditional Letter of Offer. Ensure status of Student Pass before confirming departure.


  • Foreign Students should travel to Singapore with about US$1,000 (S$1,700). This will help in the payment of down payment for accommodation and living expenses for about 2 weeks.
  • Money-changing services are available at the Airport and at other approved moneychangers in the city.
  • Foreign Student should also have the means to pay for the first payment of the Course Fees according to the Invoice.

Relevant original documents for Immigration at Changi Airport, Singapore

Documents to be produced include

  • Valid passport for minimum of 6 months.
  • Conditional Letter of Offer from AMITY GLOBAL INSITITUTE.
  • Copy of Approved-in-Principle Letter from ICA.

Arrival Processing by Amity

  • Amity will process the Foreign Student for admission and payments – including verifying all original documents.
  • Payment should be paid according to the Schedule of Payment for the Course as stipulated in the Student Contract.
  • Student will proceed to ICA for completion of student pass processing formalities.

Student Pass processing at ICA

Documents to be produced include

  • Valid passport for minimum of 6 months
  • Birth Certificate
  • Educational Certificates and Result Transcripts
  • Conditional Letter of Offer from AMITY GLOBAL INSITITUTE
  • Copy of Approved-in-Principle Letter from ICA
  • Proof of Fixed Deposit
  • Proof of Parents’ Occupations
  • Other Documents as advised in the In Principle Approval of Student Pass

Medical Screening

  • Foreign Students receive the Approved-in-Principle Letter from ICA and proceed for Medical Screening at a clinic. Estimated cost: S$50.
  • Obtain the Medical Report and submit to ICA to exchange for the Student Pass.
  • Requires about 3 working days for the whole process.


Student Pass Application

Assistance will be given to Foreign Students to apply for the Student Pass with ICA.

Accommodation assistance

  • Assistance will be provided to Foreign Students with contacts to housing agents and hostels.
  • Foreign Students will take up direct dealings with the housing agents and hostels to find suitable accommodation.

Setting up of Bank Account

  • Different requirements by the different banks.
  • Provide passport and Student Pass for identification.
  • Passport needed to cash Travellers’ Cheque.
  • Receive money from Parents in terms of bank drafts and these can be deposited in the Student’s Account and drawn in 1 to 2 working days.

Orientation for all Students

A comprehensive Orientation Programme will be conducted to introduce all Students of Amity to the Course and the administration facilities

The Orientation Programme will cover:

  • Amity – Vision, Mission, Values, Culture, Goals, Policy etc.
  • Who’s Who @ Amity.
  • Issue of Access cards (if applicable).
  • School’s location(s) and a general description of the facilities and infrastructures.
  • Issue of Class Schedule / Timetable.
  • Details on Course Progression Path.
  • Details related to Module Guides, Module Definition Forms, etc.
  • Details related to Assessment (deadlines, marking, mitigation, academic appeals, assessment criteria and marking standards, etc).
  • Academic regulations.
  • Type of certification awarded at the end of the course.
  • Standard Student Contract.
  • Attendance regulations.
  • Fee Protection Scheme.
  • Refund Policies.
  • Withdrawal Policies.
  • Transfer Polices.
  • Feedback and grievance procedures.
  • School Rules and regulations.
  • Student Support Services and Welfare.
  • Highlight the contents of the Student Handbook.
  • Reference to CPE official website ( for more details.
  • Course Deferment/Extension criteria and procedures related to suspension and expulsion conditions.
  • Fire Emergency Procedures.
  • First Aid: For First Aid support please contact Reception.
  • Feedback, Suggestion Box, Feedback e-mail, etc.
  • Emergency Contact Details.
  • Do’s & Don’ts in Singapore.
  • Relevant Singapore laws especially those relating to ICA and Ministry of Manpower (MOM) including immigration requirements, laws on driving, drugs and alcohol abuse, employment, smoking, traffic and littering, etc.
  • Advice on personal and medical insurances.
  • Advice on accommodation and the cost of living.
  • General healthcare services in Singapore.

Medical Insurance

      Provisional of medical insurance

  • All students need to purchase medical insurance throughout their course of studies with Amity. A SC/PR or a non-Student’s Pass international student who is protected by his own medical insurance coverage in Singapore can opt out from the medical insurance scheme arranged for by Amity. If the student does not have medical insurance, Amity will purchase the medical insurance on their behalf at a fee which will be paid by the student.
    Amity has appointed medical insurance provider: Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd. All students enrolled with Amity will be covered by the Group Medical Insurance.

      Learning Environment and Facilities

  • Superior facilities are offered at Amity for the holistic development of the students. Students may indulge in sports, art and other literary activities to grow in their respective fields. To ensure that students continue to perform well they will be provided a range of services specially designed for them.

      Airport Pickup and Accommodation 

  • Whenever any new international students are approved by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for the student’s pass, Amity Global Institute will inform the relevant staff of the student’s arrival schedule. If requested by the student, Airport Pickup & Accommodation assistance will be provided.

      Pastoral Counselling     

       Key features of Pastoral Care

  • The Amity Global Institute strives to provide holistic care for students. The pastoral counselling framework are based on the following aspects: physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual.

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