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Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Pastoral Counselling Framework

The school strives to provide holistic care for students. It sees each person as a star in the making. The 5 points of the star represents the 5 aspects of each person-physical, mental, social, emotional & spiritual. The school uses this star as its pastoral counselling framework.


Physical During the orientation programme, the school reminds students that they need to look after themselves physically – by getting enough exercise and sleep, not drinking alcohol (excessively), etc.
Mental The academic programmes offered by the school address this need.  
Social The school creates opportunities for students to come together and socialise.  They not only have fun doing so but also learn social skills. 
Emotional The emotional is how a person relates to and accepts himself and his situation.  In dealing with students who may need counselling, Student Support Officers are sensitive to address the emotional and social needs of each student who may be lonely or depressed
Spiritual The school arranges for talks to inspire students as they struggle against the difficulties and challenges they face.  The school also encourages students not to focus on their own problems, but also to consider the needs of other colleagues.


Student Affairs Officers provide a baseline support for students and have gone through some training in counselling. For more complicated cases, students are referred to external qualified persons or relevant national agencies.

Amity also engages the services of Professional Counselling should a student need wish to seek outside help in issues and have professional counselling.

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