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Atmospheric Research Journal of Elsevier

Atmospheric Research Journal of Elsevier

07 Dec 2018

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Amity is proud to announce that Dr Senjuti Goswami’s Research Paper & Publication Certificate from Elsevier have recently been published in the Atmospheric Research Journal of Elsevier.

The research paper
It is on exploring the pre- and summer-monsoon surface air temperature overeastern India using Shannon entropy and temporal Hurst exponents through rescaled range analysis. 

The present paper reports a thorough statistical elucidation of the time series of surface temperature in monthly as well as seasonal scale over eastern India during pre-monsoon (March–May) and summer monsoon (June–September) in India. Climate risk is a challenge to millions of people whose livelihood is dependent on agriculture. Considering data for the period of 1901–2007, the autocorrelation functions for both the seasons have been investigated for persistence and an absence of long-term memory has been detected in all the cases. The intrinsic uncertainty has been quantified through Shannon-entropy by framing an appropriate probability distribution and the entropy has been computed for monthly as well as seasonal scales. Finally, using rescaled range analysis, the Hurst exponents have been computed and finally the surface temperature time series has been observed to be anti-persistent for pre-monsoon and Brownian for summer-monsoon months.

copy and paste the link below onto your browser to view the full article. 
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