An Overview of Logistics and Embracing a Meaningful Career
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An Overview of Logistics and Embracing a Meaningful Career

An Overview of Logistics and Embracing a Meaningful Career

05 Jan 2022

an overview of logistics and embracing a meaningful career

An Overview of Logistics and Embracing a Meaningful Career

In the span of just two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the frailties of the world we live in and the established systems we once thought were sufficiently effective. Even as we move cautiously towards the endemic, logistics remains one of the hardest-hit industries. While e-retail and on-demand services have grown exponentially, traditional industries like automotive, construction, and petroleum sectors have struggled with both supply and demand shortages, making recovery tedious and extremely difficult. This is where the knowledge from a logistics course in Singapore may come in handy. 

Thankfully, Singapore has been able to remain a strong logistics hub both in the region and around the world, further highlighting the importance of having a logistics infrastructure that constantly evolves with the circumstances. Given that we rely heavily on a smooth flow of imports and exports, those who work in logistics play an essential role in keeping Singapore afloat, especially amidst unprecedented times. If you’re looking to embark on a meaningful career whilst doing your part to contribute to Singapore’s lifeline, consider taking on a role in logistics; which begets the question: what exactly does logistics entail? In this article, we explore the key role logistics plays in Singapore’s economy, and how you can make a foothold in the industry with a logistics course (such as a part-time diploma course) here. 

What is Logistics?

Simply put, logistics encompasses the overall process of managing how various resources are obtained, stored, and transported to their destinations. Logistics is also a part of everyday life. Take the products you buy from the nearby supermarket — the fact that they’re on the shelves is a result of logistics at work: packing, importing, storing, and stocking. The importance of logistics in Singapore was highlighted at the onset of the pandemic, where items began flying off supermarket shelves, prompting the government to appeal for calmness whilst reinforcing its supply lines for essential items. A logistics course equips you to become part of what keeps Singapore — and potentially the world — moving; the artery through which invaluable resources are moved seamlessly on a daily basis.

A Career in Logistics

Logistics is often a thankless job, simply because it is often unseen except when you’re near a major logistics centre like a port. As a result, a logistics course may not appeal to all. However, if being in the industry is something you feel you can enjoy, the career possibilities are vast and plenty, given the sheer depth of the different roles and responsibilities available. For instance, if keeping items in order is something you enjoy, consider a role in inventory control that puts you in charge of overseeing the collection and inventorying of various resources and materials, depending on the specific industry you’re in. 

On the other hand, if planning and strategising are more suited to your skills and expertise, perhaps you could take on a role in purchasing, where you are responsible for maintaining healthy inventory levels to keep up and meet consumer demands. There are even logistical roles on a more international level, such as business development, which requires you to liaise with global partners, as well as have a strong knowledge in international customs and shipping laws. Ultimately, being a part of the industry does require you to enrol in a logistics course, where you’ll then be able to choose your specialisation relevant to the career path you wish to take.

Getting Started

Logistics Course Students inside a Library”

Logistics is a complex and diverse sector that covers many different industries, so figuring out your starting point can be a tricky endeavour. However, what’s consistent are your base requirements, such as having a certificate in logistics. This can be obtained through enrolling in a logistics course, which is also available on different levels, from Diploma to Masters, depending on how far you wish to delve into the sector. If you’re already working and are considering switching industries, there are also relevant part-time diploma courses in Singapore you can take to avoid disrupting your income. With that done and dusted, it will be easier to forge a career path for yourself in logistics and beyond. 

For more information on our catalogue of logistics courses, do visit our website.

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