Introduction to Data Science and How You can Embrace It
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An Introduction To Data Science And How You Can Embrace It

An Introduction To Data Science And How You Can Embrace It

19 May 2021

Data Science Courses In Singapore

Data Science Courses In Singapore

In our digital age, exponential amounts of data are being generated and stored every second. While computers are growing in speed and processing capabilities, it takes a skilled data scientist to turn raw data into meaningful insights that benefit businesses, consumers, and society. Read on to learn more about data science and how data science courses in Singapore equip you with invaluable skills to thrive in one of the fastest-growing careers of the 21st century.

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What is Data Science?

Data science refers to the application of information technology alongside scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data. Data science is an umbrella term that encompasses domains such as machine learning and data analytics, which utilise coding programs and languages such as R and Python.

Data scientists apply knowledge learnt across various fields, ranging from statistics, scientific methods, and data analysis, helping them extract valuable information from various forms of data. They can then sort, interpret, and utilise their findings to provide insight for complex problems, ranging from creating marketing strategies for businesses to designing effective social policies to target specific demographics.

Data scientists are armed with a variety of tools at their disposal, allowing them to visualise data for swift pattern analysis, as well as creating complex algorithms to automatically derive relevant data for their needs. As a constantly changing field, data science courses in Singapore provide a robust technical foundation for students seeking to embark on this career.

Should I Consider a Data Science Career?

Data scientists play a pivotal role in many sectors, ranging from business to government. As a highly sought after field, data science is a well-paying career, with the average salary of a data scientist in Singapore being approximately $6,500 a month*. As they progress in their careers, data scientists move from small-scale coding and analysis to becoming experts in their domain and providing strategic direction to key stakeholders.

How do you know if you’re suited for a career in data science? Some essential traits include a strong ability in organisation to handle large volumes of data, an aptitude towards continual learning of new techniques and analysis methods, as well as a resilient attitude towards setbacks and improving. Other useful traits include creativity, focus, as well as an attention to detail. Data science courses in Singapore provide both the skills and exposure to see if you’re a good fit for this demanding field.

What will I learn in a Data Science course?

Enrolling in a data science course is the best way for students in Singapore to embark into data science. These courses equip students with specialist skills, such as running appropriate statistical analyses, coding and utilising various programmes and languages, as well as honing one’s creative element to approach problems with fresh perspectives.

Amity Global has partnered with Teesside University to offer courses in Singapore, alongside other established universities such as the University of London, the University for the Creative Arts, and the University of Northampton. A dynamic and innovative institution with a commitment to nurturing well-rounded and skilful graduates, Teesside University equips Singapore-based students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in various industries, ranging from business management to data science. 

Our Master of Science in Data Science is a course that takes around a year to complete, with the option for full-time or part-time studying. Students will cover topics such as Big Data, data analytics and research methods, as well as machine learning, giving them a holistic education to step into data science careers and succeed.

Interested in enrolling in a data science course in Singapore? Visit our website to find out more on how you can embrace this lucrative career.

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