Amity Singapore welcomes students from Laos
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Amity Singapore welcomes students from Laos

Amity Singapore welcomes students from Laos

21 Jul 2022

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This time of year is crucial for students across many countries, as they decide which university or programme to apply for.

To assist such life-impacting decisions, Amity welcomes students from across the region to our institutional open house.

Today we welcome students from Laos to visit our campus in person. Such visits are important for ensuring prospective students understand the benefits of studying with a robust institution. Amity Singapore works hard to support our students’ learning journey through world-class faculty who possess real-world industry experience.

This is also an opportunity to discover how our diverse learning community can empower them to become better global citizens.

We hope to have you join us as we embark on a new academic year.

All the best!

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