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06 Oct 2021

5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia’s Premier Education Hub

Singapore is arguably the most premier education hub in Asia, with a robust education system and its students regularly attaining the top places in international rankings, according to the PISA Global Competence test by the OECD. Here are 5 reasons why international students should consider learning their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Singapore. 1. It […]

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29 Sep 2021

How Do I Know If A MBA Degree Is The Right Choice For Me?

Traditionally, studying an MBA in Singapore has been the masters’ degree of choice for numerous professionals across diverse industries. However, with the global economy constantly changing and requiring new skills, people may wonder if an MBA is still optimal for them. Here are some considerations to guide your decision. Consider the skills an MBA gives […]

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17 Sep 2021

How Logistics And Supply Chain Management Move Industries

Logistics and supply chain management is essential in keeping the world moving, be it raw materials, high-end consumer products, or information flows. Read on to learn more about the importance of logistics and supply chain management, and how logistics courses in Singapore equip you to tackle key industry challenges and enjoy a meaningful career. What […]

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01 Sep 2021

How To Prepare Yourself To Embrace The Digital Industry

With the advent of the digital industry, tech skills are highly sought after and in demand. Graduates armed with these skills can pull ahead of their competition and enjoy a more fulfilling career. Learn more about the digital industry and how IT courses in Singapore prepare you with the technical skills and knowledge to embrace […]

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26 Aug 2021

5 Tips To Balance Work And Part Time Studies In Singapore

Balancing out work and part-time studies can be a challenging affair. Here are 5 useful tips for students enrolled in part time degrees and diploma courses in Singapore to achieve an ideal balance and thrive in both their career and studies. 1. Stick to a schedule. With the majority of students who study part time […]

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23 Aug 2021

The Importance Of Seeking Career Guidance For Your Future

Be it just entering the workforce or pivoting to another industry, having expert support and advice is invaluable in helping students choose the ideal degrees or diplomas in Singapore to enroll in for their future. Learn more about career guidance and how Amity Global empowers our students to step into their dream careers. What is […]

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19 Jul 2021

The Benefits Of Attaining An Accounting Degree In Singapore

Accountancy is one of the most established and reputable careers, both in Singapore and across the globe. While challenging, it is also highly rewarding and offers solid career growth. Learn more about the benefits of pursuing accounting courses in Singapore. What are the benefits of learning accounting? Accounting degrees in Singapore offer a number of […]

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15 Jul 2021

How A Law Degree Is A Solid Foundation For Your Future

As one of the most highly respected and professional careers across the globe, studying law is a demanding affair with a wide range of potential roles that one can step into upon graduation. Learn more about the benefits of studying law and how you can tap into law courses in Singapore to build up the […]

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06 Jul 2021

How Do I Know If I Am Suited For A Computer Science Career?

In our increasingly technological world, virtually all industries rely on both data and software to function, ranging from banking to healthcare and communications. All this is due to the work of computer scientists, who constantly innovate new technologies to make the world a better place. Learn more about what computer science comprises, as well as […]

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