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15 Feb 2022

The Role Of Arts Management In Creating A Better Society

Art plays a major role in our lives, from the shows we watch online to immersing in live orchestras and theatre performances. Unfortunately, Singapore’s general reluctance to support artists leads to negative consequences for all parties. Learn about the importance of the arts, and how arts business management plays an essential role in creating a […]

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05 Jan 2022

An Overview of Logistics and Embracing a Meaningful Career

In the span of just two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the frailties of the world we live in and the established systems we once thought were sufficiently effective. Even as we move cautiously towards the endemic, logistics remains one of the hardest-hit industries. While e-retail and on-demand services have grown exponentially, traditional industries […]

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10 Dec 2021

The Biggest Global Trends In Supply Chain Management

The advent of digitisation across the globe has given rise to various trends and technologies, which when properly harnessed can bring about numerous advantages for businesses. Learn about key trends shaping the future of supply chain management (SCM), as well as how supply chain management courses help you thrive in your career. AI & Automation […]

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29 Nov 2021

4 Exciting Careers In Data Science For Graduates To Consider

We live in a world that is data-driven, and data science is a growing and highly sought-after field that delivers numerous benefits for businesses. Naturally, this has led to a huge demand for graduates in data science across the globe. Here are 4 exciting careers for students in data science courses in Singapore to consider […]

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25 Nov 2021

How Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Gain An Edge

Digital marketing is swiftly becoming one of the most ubiquitous forms of marketing in daily life. Learn about the various ways that digital marketing benefits businesses, as well as how you can enjoy a thriving career in this industry through Amity Global’s Masters in Digital Marketing. How does digital marketing benefit businesses? Digital marketing is […]

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22 Oct 2021

A Global Career In International Business Management

With the globalisation of business as well as Singapore’s reliance on international trade and commerce, businesses have to stay abreast of both local and international trends to stay profitable. Learn more about what international business management comprises, and how studying an international business management degree in Singapore equips you with the essential skill set to […]

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18 Oct 2021

Understanding The Career Options Available To Accountants

Contrary to what most people believe, accounting is much more than just filing taxes and crunching numbers. In reality, accounting is a big field with numerous specialities. Learn about some of the various accounting careers that graduates can pursue, and how an accounting degree in Singapore prepares you for your dream career. 1. Chartered Accountant […]

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13 Oct 2021

5 Thriving Careers In Hospitality And Tourism Management

As Singapore shifts towards an endemic state with COVID, hospitality and tourism is seeing a resurgence once again. A job in the hospitality and tourism industry is highly challenging, requiring you to think on your feet and have excellent people skills. Learn more about 5 exciting careers in hospitality and tourism management, and how Amity […]

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06 Oct 2021

5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia’s Premier Education Hub

Singapore is arguably the most premier education hub in Asia, with a robust education system and its students regularly attaining the top places in international rankings, according to the PISA Global Competence test by the OECD. Here are 5 reasons why international students should consider learning their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Singapore. 1. It […]

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