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Academic Board

Academic Board

Members of Academic Board

Amity has appointed the following experts as the Members of Academic Board to ensure that for each course, the assessment principles, processes, methods and practices are aligned with the learning outcomes and contents.

Academic Board Members

  • Dr David Bell (Chairman)
  • Dr Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy
  • Prof (Dr) Choong Kit Leon
  • Dr Tham Yieng Wei
  • Lo Wai Meng Sally
  • Melvin Goh Kim Ho
  • Subhasis Chatterjee
  • Venkatesha Murthy
  • Yoo Loo Ping Robin

Responsibilities of the board are

  • To develop and review the policies and procedures on all academic matters of the private education institution, including but not limited to academic quality assurance measures; and
  • To facilitate the implementation of and compliance with such policies and procedures.
  • Develop a set of standards to ensure the academic quality of every course to be offered or provided by the private education institution, including but not limited to-
    1. The content of the modules or subjects of the course;
    2. The duration of the course; and
    3.  The appropriate entry and graduation requirements;
  • Approve each person to be deployed to teach any course offered or provided by the private education institution or any module or subject thereof, after determining that the person possesses the minimum qualifications and experience and other criteria prescribed in regulation 26; and
  • Review the policies and procedures at least once every 2 years. They shall also approve the design and development outcomes of all courses, including any refinement made due to the review process. If design and development is carried out by trained professionals or experts, the academic board is still required for endorsement.

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