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5 Tips To Balance Work And Part Time Studies In Singapore

5 Tips To Balance Work And Part Time Studies In Singapore

26 Aug 2021

Student Night Class for Part Time Degree Courses

Balancing out work and part-time studies can be a challenging affair. Here are 5 useful tips for students enrolled in part time degrees and diploma courses in Singapore to achieve an ideal balance and thrive in both their career and studies.

Student Night Class for Part Time Degree Courses

1. Stick to a schedule.

With the majority of students who study part time degrees and diploma courses also juggling work commitments, sticking to a proper schedule is essential for wisely utilising limited time and energy. The majority of classes take place at night, and students are often already fatigued from work, which can impact their learning as well as ability to pay attention to online lectures and do assignments.

A schedule helps students to stay focused and avoid procrastination, while setting ample time to study various subjects and promote optimal learning. For students who have rest days during the weekday period, a schedule also reinforces discipline for completing assignments and coursework, helping them use their free time wisely to catch up and stay on track.

2. Set small milestones.

Studying for part time degrees and diploma courses in Singapore can be demanding, and the numerous topics, coursework, and readings can lead to students being drained and losing motivation if they try to cram it all at once. To avoid being overwhelmed, students should aim to set small milestones and goals, such as completing a chapter of studies over the course of a week. In addition, setting milestones also provides students with a tangible morale boost, knowing that they are one step closer to completing their part time studies and stepping into a meaningful career.

3. Be prompt with assignments.

Full time students know how unpleasant it is to rush and submit essays just before the midnight deadline, and it is even more arduous for part time degree or diploma students in Singapore with their existing work commitments. In particular, students with irregular work schedules are expected to factor in sudden overtime at work when planning out their submissions, as key deadlines are already provided at the start of semester.

Having the onus to constantly track assignment deadlines and start them early helps part time students avoid such scenarios, while doing away with unnecessary stress and worry. Most learning institutes that offer part-time courses also have confirmed assignment deadlines provided to students at the start of their course, allowing them to properly plan out submissions and balance alongside work and leisure.

4. Learn to cope with stress.

Stress is an inevitable part of balancing both work and a part time degree or diploma course in Singapore, but that does not mean it should dictate one’s life. There are a wide variety of methods to deal with stress; be it engaging in exercise, doing yoga or meditation, or simply going for a walk. By reducing stress, students are better able to stay focused and productive, allowing them to work and study to the best of their ability. Many learning institutes such as Amity Global also offer counselling services, which provide holistic care for students who may require emotional support and relevant advice on coping with stress and caring for themselves.

5. Take care of your health.

With looming deadlines of both work and part time degree studies, students can find themselves experiencing burnout which can seriously impact their physical and mental health. This leads to a poorer quality of both learning and carrying out work responsibilities, creating a vicious cycle of poor performance and wellbeing.

Taking the time to care for one’s health can range from engaging in leisure activities with friends to unwinding at home with books or shows. Students are also encouraged to get sufficient rest instead of sleeping at odd hours, as well as consuming a nutritious diet instead of resorting to snacks and junk food. 

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