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5 Thriving Careers In Hospitality And Tourism Management

5 Thriving Careers In Hospitality And Tourism Management

13 Oct 2021

5 thriving careers in hospitality and tourism management

As Singapore shifts towards an endemic state with COVID, hospitality and tourism is seeing a resurgence once again. A job in the hospitality and tourism industry is highly challenging, requiring you to think on your feet and have excellent people skills. Learn more about 5 exciting careers in hospitality and tourism management, and how Amity Global’s hospitality courses in Singapore equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in this industry.

5 Thriving Careers In Hospitality And Tourism Management

1. Hotel Managers

Otherwise known as hoteliers, hotel managers play an important role in ensuring that guests enjoy an impeccable experience while staying at the hotel, as well as supervising various teams to perform their duties to the utmost of their abilities. Depending on the nature and size of the hotel they work at, hotel managers hold multiple roles, be it interacting directly with guests, handling marketing and customer service, or track sales and accounting to maintain the hotel’s profitability and continued operations.

Amity Global’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a year-long course with the option for both full or part-time studies. Studies will learn how to effectively manage people, organisations, and management; as well as be able to choose from modules that cover strategic management, international marketing, and marketing management.

2. Food Service Managers

Enjoying good food and drink is a staple of Singaporean culture, and food service managers play a key role in ensuring that customers enjoy an enjoyable dining experience. Food service managers work in a variety of food establishments, ranging from restaurants to bars and cafes. Their job scopes include overseeing the preparation and presentation of food, inspecting supplies, equipment, and work areas in compliance with health regulations, as well as addressing complaints regarding food quality or service. They are also involved in staff training, evaluations, as well as scheduling of working hours and managing budgets. Hospitality courses in Singapore teach the skills to help one succeed in this role, particularly for fine dining establishments where impeccable service is of the utmost concern.

3. Event Managers

Event managers are key to helping a wide variety of events go as smoothly as planned. They oversee the design, set-up, and execution of events; from as small as a book launch or networking meetings to large business conventions or concerts with thousands of attendees. They are required to both take a macro and micro approach to their work; being required to focus on the small details such as sending out quotations and hiring staff, as well as deciding on the overall theme and preparing for potential problems that can arise during event execution. Amity Global’s hospitality courses in Singapore include a hands-on project within students’ chosen field to summarise their learning and prepare them to step into the working world with confidence.

4. MICE Planners

Singapore has a track record of hosting numerous prominent events in Asia and the region, making it a popular destination for meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE). MICE planners adopt a corporate approach to handle events, such as coordinating the logistics of hundreds of VIPs across different nations, working with airlines, hotels, and tour operators to plan out a smooth itinerary, as well as handling budgets and destinations to clients’ exacting needs. Hospitality courses in Singapore equip graduates with a strong understanding of what the MICE industry requires, easing them into this challenging career.

5. Hospitality Coordinator

For a more universal role, fresh graduates from Amity Global’s Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management can consider being hospitality coordinators. They provide useful services in industries as widespread as healthcare, tourism, accommodations, as well as non-profit organisations. They focus on addressing clients’ needs by directly interacting with them and taking customer feedback, taking a big-picture approach to develop service plans, and evaluating their company’s provided services to streamline and improve them.

Amity Global’s hospitality courses in Singapore prepare you to step into the vibrant world of hospitality and tourism management. Visit our website to learn more about our courses and rates.

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