5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia's Premier Education Hub
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5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia’s Premier Education Hub

5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia’s Premier Education Hub

06 Oct 2021

5 reasons why singapore is asias premier education hub

Singapore is arguably the most premier education hub in Asia, with a robust education system and its students regularly attaining the top places in international rankings, according to the PISA Global Competence test by the OECD. Here are 5 reasons why international students should consider learning their bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Singapore.

5 Reasons Why Singapore Is Asia's Premier Education Hub

1. It has numerous established educational institutions.

Singapore’s global reputation is well deserved with its commitment to education, and its local universities such as NUS, NTU, and SMU have regularly placed highly on global lists that reflect their research reputation, publications, and cited papers. Naturally, this has attracted skilled faculty members to Singapore’s universities, which in turn provides students quality and meaningful education. Other international universities have also set up campuses in Singapore, with one notable example being the Duke-NUS Medical School that offers graduate-entry medical degrees to students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees.

In addition to Singapore’s local universities, global education institutes such as Amity Global offer international students the options to learn bachelor’s degrees in Singapore. We partner with various international universities such as the University of London, University of Northampton, Teesside University, and the University for the Creative Arts, providing our students a wide selection of courses and majors to pursue and excel in.

2. It provides excellent job opportunities.

As a cosmopolitan island that is limited by size and resources, Singapore has had to forge extensive connections and welcome in foreign companies to set up regional offices and headquarters on its shores. This has given rise to a thriving business environment where MNCs are constantly hiring skilled students who have just graduated from university, as well as offering many internship positions for students to gain work exposure while still completing their bachelor’s degree in Singapore. In addition, Singapore has little to no restrictions on international students working in Singapore, allowing them to hit the ground running and start their careers on a strong footing.

3. It has a safe and stable society.

In contrast to many countries where students prefer not to stay out too late at night and have to constantly secure their belongings due to theft or assault, Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world due to stringent law enforcement. This greatly helps to reassure international students taking their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Singapore, allowing them to fully immerse in Singapore’s culture with their friends and properly focus on their studies, while also providing peace of mind to their loved ones back home.

4. It is a cosmopolitan and modern country.

As one of the most developed and modernised countries in the world, Singapore boasts an impeccable public transport system as well as affordable and efficient Internet connectivity. International students in Singapore enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree can greatly save on travel costs as they travel to classes, doing away with the need to rent other forms of transport. In addition, a stable and affordable Internet connection allows extensive flexibility, be it video calling their friends and family back home, video streaming online shows for leisure, or searching up online research papers for their projects and assignments.  

5. It offers convenient travel to other countries.

While travel has been temporarily put on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, Singapore still remains an important regional and global trade hub. This means that there are numerous flights to and from Singapore, allowing international students pursuing their bachelors’ or masters’ degree in Singapore to enjoy convenient travel. Be it a weekend getaway, visiting other countries in Southeast Asia during the term break, or heading home to spend time with loved ones, Singapore’s connections to other countries can greatly enhance students’ experience living abroad.

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