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4 Trending Careers in Singapore

4 Trending Careers in Singapore

07 Nov 2022

4 Trending Careers in Singapore

Most of us desire to embark on meaningful careers, but sometimes find opportunities hard to come by. Sometimes, that is due to a lack of demand in the specific professions we’re looking for; sometimes, it’s just about looking for opportunities in the right places. Logically speaking, one of the best leads you can get is to identify trending professions wherever you are (in this case, Singapore), and take the steps necessary to learn the skills needed to break into those industries, whether it entails taking up data science courses in Singapore, or other programmes affiliated to sought-after jobs in the country. Here are a few trending careers in Singapore that you could look towards.

Data Analyst 

Data Analyst Trending Career in Singapore

The world has evolved over the years, and we find ourselves well and truly entrenched in the digital age, where data is collected and studied by almost every business around the world for a wide variety of reasons, from improving sales, maximising productivity, or even improving digital security. Datas on their own are like a foreign language, which is why organisations require translators that are specifically trained to decipher data and translate them into comprehensible information. These translators are called data analysts, and they are vital to companies that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to aid them in their digital transformation initiatives. Taking up a data science course in Singapore is the first step that you’ll have to take in order to break into the industry and climb the corporate ladder.

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers Trending Career in Singapore

In line with the growing digital trend, businesses looking to leave an impression online through a variety of platforms, from Youtube, to Instagram, and so on, rely on digital marketers across the entire spectrum of digital marketing, from content conceptualisation and creation, to analytics. Digital marketers are taught to identify and form connections with target audiences through creative content, branding, and other facets. Job titles in this field include digital marketing specialist, social media manager, marketing representative, and more. Further up the ladder, you will even have the opportunity to be an art director, overseeing the entire marketing process. To improve your chances of advancing your career in digital marketing, consider taking up a masters in digital marketing, where you’ll be equipped with both digital marketing and leadership skills to be a great team player and a better leader.


Engineer Trending Career in Singapore

Engineering isn’t exactly a new trend, as Singapore is already home to many reputable engineering firms that play a major role in shaping Singapore’s infrastructure in the past, present, and future. As Singapore continues to find innovative ways to grow within its limitations —namely, land— engineers who can think outside the box are highly sought after, as they are vital to the country’s sustained growth. There are many specialties to choose from, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, full stack engineer, mechanical engineering, and more, allowing you more autonomy in branching out into the respective niches that interest you the most. Whichever you choose, there will be plenty of opportunities in Singapore, and with the advancement of technology engineering, you’ll be able to change many lives for the better.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts Trending Career in Singapore

A business analyst is trained to have a deep understanding of the needs of a company in order to propose solutions that will help said company meet its goals. Companies around the world work with business analysts to examine past performances or reach out to customers through surveys to understand what they want. Business analysts are also responsible for conducting market research, understanding financial data and creating forecasts, and working with software developers to understand how new tech and features will impact the company, and how they can adapt to these changes. The good news about being a business analyst is that you’re able to work in different industries, including finance, healthcare, and retail. To take your career a step further, consider taking up a business analytics masters in Singapore.

Whatever you choose to do in the future, take your first steps with us here at Amity Singapore. For more information about our programmes, please visit our website.

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