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4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing An MBA Degree

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing An MBA Degree

30 Apr 2021

MBA Students Studying And Discussing Together

An MBA is one of the most common graduate degrees that working professionals across diverse industries hold. While it can take up a sizeable amount of time, energy, and resources, obtaining an MBA degree is definitely worth your time. Here are 4 excellent reasons why you should consider doing an MBA in Singapore.

MBA Students Studying And Discussing Together

1. It improves your employability.

An MBA is a recognised certification all over the world. Having an MBA immediately puts you ahead of other applicants, which are predominantly undergraduate degree holders. It grants you an advantage when seeking a job promotion, as well as providing better compensation in both public and private sectors, making them a solid choice for those seeking to solidify their career progression and earn higher salaries.


A part-time MBA in Singapore offers enhanced flexibility for students who still want to pursue their careers, allowing you to still draw a regular salary and find a suitable working pace without being overly stressed or burnt out. Amity Global’s helpful staff stand ready to assist our part-time students in finding an optimal learning schedule to suit their work arrangements.


2. It trains your leadership and management skills.

Contrary to popular belief, effective leadership and management takes time to hone and nurture. The majority of university graduates come from fields beyond business, accounting, and finance, and can come from diverse majors such as engineering, science, and computing. These majors tend to focus on more technical and knowledge-based skills, rather than ‘soft’ skills such as understanding diverse perspectives of various parties and persuading and influencing stakeholders.


In addition to their financial rigour, MBA programmes in Singapore instill a holistic problem-solving approach to tackle various challenges. They often feature case study competitions that require students to pitch solutions and convince judges and peers about their ideas. This helps to improve communication and collaboration skills, setting you apart from the competition and improving your overall performance.


3. It allows you to stay adaptive.

The world is constantly changing, and capitalising on the latest global and financial trends is key to business success. Learning an MBA in Singapore equips you with the analytical tools and critical thinking mindset to interpret the constant flow of information, allowing you to make sound decisions for your company. This can range from streamlining inventory and supply chain management processes, to utilising modern software to generate reports that impact business directions.


Particularly in these uncertain times, an MBA also allows you to make a career pivot if you desire, equipping you with broad skills that help you thrive as you manage or lead in a startup or a cutting-edge business in a new industry. It also puts you in a position to diversify your network beyond your current industry, putting you in a position to learn from other experts and seize opportunities as they come.


4. It empowers you to start your own business.

In today’s climate, a growing number of people are branching off to become entrepreneurs, seeking autonomy and growth on their own terms. MBAs include core business competencies as part of their curriculum, such as accounting and finance fundamentals, marketing and managing staff, as well as interpreting data as well economic principles.


While starting a new business is ultimately a risky venture, an MBA in Singapore provides budding entrepreneurs a stable foundation to increase their chances of success. An MBA also helps to build relationships through networking, which will prove invaluable when you branch out and forge new business opportunities.


Interested in pursuing a full-time or part-time MBA in Singapore? Visit our website to find out more about our programmes.

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