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3 Important Career Questions Students Should Ask Themselves

3 Important Career Questions Students Should Ask Themselves

28 Feb 2022

3 important career questions students should ask themselves

3 Important Career Questions Students Should Ask Themselves

The importance of one’s career cannot be emphasised enough. It is a major milestone in your life that requires considerable self-awareness, as well as significant research and deliberation before deciding on the career path you wish to pave for yourself. You need to understand yourself, your motivations in life, your objectives, and perhaps more importantly, the job market in Singapore to ascertain if your desired career will work out here. Not only will this save you years of having to transit  into another field after finding out that what you’ve chosen wasn’t right for you, it can also help you enrol in relevant programmes in polytechnic, university, and various institutions. 

That being said, even if you’re at a point where you’re considering a career switch, it’s also not too late to do so. There are avenues available, such as part-time degree courses and part-time diploma courses, to get started. In fact, while we often picture students as eager teenagers, there has been a steady increase in adult part-time students.

Regardless of which stage in life you find yourself at, venturing into a new career path requires the same considerations, so with that in mind, here are 3 essential questions to ponder over before making the pivotal jump.

Am I Only Driven by Passion?

Many students are nudged towards their careers by sheer passion in what they do. There’s also a popular saying that goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Hard as it may be to hear this, passion alone isn’t a sustainable career plan in the long run. Just like how motivation works when you’re exercising, passion is for the most part, just a hype. When you’re worn down by long hours and stressful work conditions, what you need is grit and perseverance to get yourself over the line. Many students graduate full of ideals, hopes, and aspirations, but often find that their professions aren’t what they had envisioned, so they tend to constantly switch jobs in the hopes of finding something that matches their ideals. It is an endless cycle that yields little success, because the chances of finding a profession that is perfectly aligned with those ideals are slim at best. 

Instead, identify your skills and strengths, and keep your mind open to the potential opportunities that are relevant to what you’re good at. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’re passionate about. After all, who knows what you might eventually have an affinity for later on in your career. If this is something you’re willing to explore, consider enrolling in part-time diploma or part-time degree courses to expand on those skills whilst making your first foray out into your new career.

What is My Personality?

Your psyche is an important part of what makes you, you. It also determines the manner in which you react to different situations, as well as interact with the world around you. These are things you’ll probably only be more aware of as you enter the workforce, as that is where you actually start interacting with others in very real environments compared to when you were in school, where engagements are often simulated or muted. Important questions to ask yourself in this regard include — Do I prefer to lead or support in the background? Do I enjoy conceptualising ideas or executing them? Do I operate better with creativity, or do I find security in structures and routine? These are just a few considerations that could help you evaluate yourself better and therefore make informed decisions about the kind of career you want to have. 

What is My End Goal?

Not too long ago, the 5 Cs were still widely worshipped in Singapore. Although this has somewhat simmered especially amongst next-generation Singaporeans, one can’t really forego certain necessities, such as job and financial security. Whether you’re looking to lead a simple but meaningful life, or a lavish and extravagant one, there is no right or wrong in picking either — to each his own — but what’s important is that you identify what your goals are before embarking on a career path that will hopefully enable you to attain those goals. Some even choose to start their careers early and then enrol in part-time diploma courses or part-time degree courses to accumulate their credentials and work their way up their respective career ladders. As you’ll eventually discover, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to plotting your career path, so the best advice we can offer is to take the time to know yourself better and then build your future based on your understanding of yourself.

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